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Former NFL Tight End, Asante Cleveland teams up with Retired Police Detective, Craig Casaletto to connect you with professional athletes, influencers and entrepreneurs as they share stories about their successes, their failures and how we can all achieve our own winning mindset.


If you’re a sports fan looking for a podcast the will motivate, educate and and inspire you to win both on and off the field, then look no further and join Asante and Craig as they talk all things sports, business, culture,and entertainment.

New episodes drop every Wednesday. 


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Asante Cleveland 

Podcast Co-Host 

Retired NFL Tight End who has transitioned into real estate. Played for the 49ers, Patriots, Chargers, and is taking his skills from the field to the real estate world.


Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Business Administration and Management from University of Miami Business School. Also experienced in early stage start up investing. 

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Craig Casaletto  

Podcast Co-Host 

Former Police Detective, Craig Casaletto partners with NFL Veteran, Asante Cleveland to bring you conversations about sports, creating a winning mindset and achieving success.

The White Tiger Podcast also connects you with athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders in their space who share personal and professional stories about victory, defeat and what it takes to achieve your goals. 



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