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Believe & Achieve w/ NFL Veteran and Co-Founder of Politiscope, Walter Powell Jr.

This week, we sit down with an amazing guy, doing amazing things. We are honored to share our interview with the one and only….Walter Powell Jr. @speedkillz9

Walter is not only an NFL vet, but he also co-founded, Politiscope @politiscopeapp, which helps empower individuals to break through the noise surrounding politics and get real, unbiased information about political candidates, legislation, the polls and much, much more. 

Walter is also the first NFL player in history to become the founder of a tech startup then named to Forbes 30 under 30 for 2020 in the same year!  We had the honor to chat with Walter about his football beginnings, what he does to prepare himself for his entrepreneurial game day and what we all can be doing to achieve our goals and take our own “game” to the next level. 

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