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Building a Network and Getting Creative w/Brand Developer & Creative Engineer, Severino Alvarez

In this week’s episode, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Severino Alvarez. Creative Engineer, Brand Developer, Stylist, and collaborator for several major fashion brands. Severino started with a passion for baseball, which developed into a passion for being a creative and a style professional. 

In addition to talking about his journey into the fashion industry, Severino also talks about the value of developing a strong network, having “Kayne Moments” and also the importance of not focusing on what others think, but rather focusing on passion & direction. 

We also attempt to navigate a White Tiger Podcast first, when Asante’s building management starts testing his building fire alarms during the podcast, which definitely added an unexpected twist to this interview.

Severino also talks about his recent work doing creative direction for “Jarritos” soft drinks and how he created opportunities that led to events including Miami’s Art Basel and Kanye’s Sunday Service during Super Bowl Week in Miami. 

We also talk about working in the fashion industry and why who you are and what you do are two totally separate things and why this time during quarantine is a great time to self-build and to invest in yourself. 

This and much, much more here on this week’s episode of The White Tiger Podcast.

You can follow Severino @severinotruely on Instagram and you can catch him at and @projectblitz on social. 

Full Podcast Transcript is Below:

What's up guys. Welcome back to we brand spanking new episode here at the white tiger podcast. I am Craig and I'm your cohost, and I'm excited to have you here. And I'm also excited to introduce you to this week's guest. So this week we have Severino Alvarez. Now Severino is not just doing some amazing things in the fashion industry, but he's also working as a creative director.

Brand developer. And he's also collaborating with some major fashion brands and really is just a creative at heart. And it was just amazing to actually sit down and talk with him and pick his brain about his creative process and what he's doing in the fashion industry. Well, guys, if you're into anything fashion related, if you're into sneakers street wear, this is going to be an episode that you're definitely going to want to listen to.

And if you're not, you're still going to want to listen to this episode because it's really great information that will hopefully inspire you to get creative, especially now when we may have some extra time on our hands. So. Guys, thank you so much for being here. And I hope you enjoy this episode that we had with Severino Alvarez.

so thank you so much. I feel like this has been like a long time in the making, trying to connect and make this happen. Yeah, man. I mean, I'm glad it finally has happened. Yeah, same here. Same here as well. Yeah, let's do it right. Silver lining in everything. It just depends how you look at it. So for sure, especially if we know everyone's home.

Yeah. There's no hiding out. We could track you down now. Can we in one spot I gave you my address. It's still be hard to track me down. Oh, I'm sure. Cause I know you're out there in the middle of nowhere. Right? How does this affect what you're doing? Because you've kind of already been isolated. I mean, it doesn't affect the, I'll say it has affected the standard of the qual literally quality of life.

But I mean, We're still going out. We're just not obviously mingling with anybody. I mean, seriously for the last, what? 20 days now I have been inside, we've gone outside and gone on walks, but we have no contact with anybody other than my wife's parents who basically live right next door to us. So I am an Iowa, as far as business goes.

I mean, obviously it's affected a lot with. You know, I haven't, I haven't been traveling a lot of the projects I've been working on are either postponed or have been totally kind of shut down, um, for the time being. So, yeah, I mean, but as far as me, you know, being an Iowa, I mean, it'd be like if I was in New York, heck yeah.

It would be affecting everything business. And like, man, I can't even go get groceries, but yeah, I can go get groceries. I'm still cautious. I mean, I think in the town of 5,000 people, there are two cases of it here, but still, I mean, if I'm going shopping at the grocery store, I'm still wearing black gloves right now.

I mean, some people think that's crazy. I just, this thing is this thing, you know, I'd rather be cautious and it'd be nothing, then not be cautious, then it'd be something. So, yeah, for sure.

Yep. Two boys, man. It's been awesome. I'm the oldest is almost three. He'll be three in may. His name's shepherd and the, uh, youngest is almost two and his name is Arnie party's army, but you don't have to worry about homeschooling right now. No, not at all. Thank God. We do have a lady who kind of nannies for us.

Um, which obviously right now we don't have her coming over here, but, uh, she's uh, a retired school teacher. So just her being around the boys and bring it all over. I guess, teaching supplies, uh, has already been like a good way to start. Doing that. I mean, we're not going to homeschool, but we're trying to get them active and learning at an early age.

So it's been cool. You know, Sylvia wanted to get started by kind of just finding out about you and your roots and kind of where this whole journey started for you. Yeah. So I was born and raised most of, uh, most of my days and Greenville, South Carolina. Um, my father was a baseball player, so. I spent a lot of time in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as San Francisco.

Uh, what I was my kind of three, four, five years old, we moved back down to the South. But, um, yeah, so I mean, a lot of travel as an early kid, a lot of, I guess, passion for sports, which took me through college, uh, but always enjoyed style and creativity. I grew up playing baseball my whole life, even though style and all this stuff was really cool to me.

It was a, it was kind of secondary, you know, I mean, it's cool to walk out with a fresh pair of kicks and, and, and, you know, a whole new fit and stuff, but it's a whole different level when you become involved in the industry on like a very. High level of aesthetic and Pantone and, and, you know, like mixing what the psychology of how things flow and look on people too, you know, yada yada yada, I would have, I never knew that when I was playing baseball, like I said, like, it was just.

You know, look fresh. And I was still the guy, you know, everybody was like Hollywood, you know, I had the fresh, the fresh pleats and the fresh batting gloves and like always the fresh pro preferred Rawlings. Like it was all there. But again, I had a lot to learn when I made that shift, which was about again, growing up.

Always conscious of style, but really making that really big shift when I was about 24 years old, 23 years old, uh, into like, okay, I'm not playing baseball anymore. I thought I was going to play, you know, you know, at a higher level, it didn't ended up happening. What am I going to do now? So the styling is what it started with.

A lot of my friends who were athletes are like, yo, keep me fresh. You know, yo like, let me get those shoes. So not only did that generate a little bit of a revenue stream, but it continued to grow that network. Uh, then I guess somewhat, I got bored with that maybe a little bit. And again, it's not like I won't style somebody or anybody at any given time.

It's just, I found some opportunity and uh, and another Avenue that I'm like, man, I want to go see if I can conquer that. Kind of little lane right there of this industry to where it kind of just snowball effect, a lot of failure, a lot of success to where, you know, now it's kind of like creative engineer means.

I mean, it means a lot of things to me personally. I think if you tried to explain it on like a literal level, I think it would mean different things. But to me it means, uh, Kind of being able to encompass, like not only a creativity and creative direction type mindset, but kind of like an experiential, uh, thing.

Uh, again, I have a strong belief in image. Um, that's the first thing that people see. So I've kind of built it around that. You know, another, another reason just to be totally honest with you guys is. A lot of people are like stylist. I'm a stylist. And I'm like, man, I'm not calling myself a stylist anymore.

And then it was like, I'm a creative director. And I'm like, well, I'm not going to use that. So I just put creative engineer cause kind of, I feel like that embodies a multifaceted. Yeah. That's great that you really found a way to separate yourself from the pack. So when we talk about, uh, you were styling some friends for a while and then wanted to move into another lane, what was the first.

Determined to conquer once you're moving away from just style. I think, I think one of the biggest things that had happened was probably around 20. I think it was 2014 or 15. And again, like. You know, styling can be a lot of different things. If you're styling for Beyonce knows you're probably getting paid six, seven figures.

That's not me. You know what I'm saying? Like I was grinding, I was flying to New York and sleeping on my boys floors, like to try to get to a fashion show, to try to network with somebody for many years. So, um, I think those were little speed bumps and help me grow. But one thing that really helped me grow was meeting one of my business partners who you've met Andre.

Um, when we met several years ago, again, I had already like been developing myself and kind of my ideology on how to go out here and conquer a lot of this. These goals that I have for myself, but he showed me a whole new lane, uh, of stuff that kind of not only had I been missing out on and just not been aware of, but a better way to do certain things that I had already been trying to do.

So basically added some. He sharpened my tools, I would say in a business sense as well, a couple of other people in my life, again, that was 2014, so six years ago. And yeah, man, I mean, like, I think that was probably one of the big things. And since then, I mean, again, failure is a part of, of the journey, but, uh, it's been good.

I think the last, at least since 2018 things have been really rocking. So yeah. Was there ever a point during that journey? To where you are now, where you're like, I don't know if this is necessarily going to work. Maybe I should kind of pull my resources towards something different. I think that happens a lot more than just like one time, man.

I mean, in fact it happens a lot. I mean, shoot, two kids been married for almost eight years. It's like, that happens a lot. Even still, you know, being growing up on a team like in baseball, especially a football too, you know, I mean, there's a lot of team sports. It's not like I'm a golfer where it was like, I grew up just being that one man guy that if I failed, I felt like if I was struggling, we could still win a championship.

In fact, we have, you know, there was a world series I won where games in that world series. I didn't play that well, but my team picked me up. It's like now. Man you get sent to the fryer you fry, you know, I don't know. I mean, I think, I think it's a daily. I think it's just a daily process of just kind of renewing myself in my mind.

Like I'm just trying to renew my mind and just make sure that I'm trying to do things from the heart and not from the head. Like that's just coming from that. I've been telling myself, but yeah. I mean to answer your question, man, like I, I still go through, that's a challenge. Man do I pack it in right now and then do this or do something else?

Cause again, like that's one of the beautiful things about the opportunities that I've been put in is the network. Of which people have is really their net worth. And a lot of senses like who you operate with and you learn from like you become who you're around a lot, you know, like I believe that. So I try to surround myself with a lot of unique people, but ones that can like, not only give me wisdom, but maybe set me up for great opportunities.

If things get crazy and the fashion industry never does come back. You know what? I always love to be doing something inside of it. Yeah, for sure. But if it didn't like I'm going to have other avenues to go down that I, I, I feel like again, the network has set me up for, so how did you know? Cause I think a lot of times people look for a sign or some type of feedback, knowing that what they're doing is working and that they're successful and they're moving in the right direction.

It's kind of like. You know, the whole marathon mentality, like this is a marathon, it takes a long time. It takes years, you know? And I think a lot of people want to see something right away. Like, was there something that you saw that kind of maybe confirm like, yeah, I'm on the right path. This is working.

I gotta keep doing this. I think a few paychecks were definitely like, and again, I don't want to always be monetary, but like. You know, w when you see that you've done a job and that everything like on your end, that you agreed to works out and on there and works out, you're starting to be like, wow, like, I'm really doing this, but I'll say even more important than that would probably be my wife.

Like my wife has always believed in me, but I think when she started, you know, again, this is coming from my wife who is a master's in finance and a master's in accounting. Really sharp, sharp lady. And when she started getting like, not over my shoulder in a bad way, but like interested in like, man, I can, can I give you some tips?

And you know, I'm always like, please give me some advice. I think when she kind of jumped on and I was like, man, this is really rock and we can do this, this and this. I was like, man, like this can be something great and it's not like I have figured it out. Totally. That's something that I don't want to get.

You know, a misconception of this is a crazy world we live in it's it's abs and flows, markets change, marketing changes. Um, so I think just kind of having that mindset, but having, like I said, my wife and a strong team around me, of people who I, who believe in me and I believe what they're saying to be true.

Um, Yeah, that's great. I think too, as a creator and you kind of fall, sometimes a lot of guys and gals fall into this whole artist thing. Like you just have a passion around what you're doing and just love what you're doing. And then there's another aspect of it where you have that you wear that entrepreneurial hat where this is like, I understand the passion, but the same time there's a business here.

And I have to figure out and make the decisions as an entrepreneur, as opposed to just that artist and having that balance was. Was it always, did you talking about your wife too in this equation? Like, did she provide that balance for you or was that something you had from the beginning, man? I definitely don't think I have, uh, as much balance.

I'm a, I'm pretty, you know, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Um, yeah. You know, it's funny, like. All jokes aside, my wife and I have like an inside thing. That is it when Kanye West goes crazy. Not that like my ideals and his align, and I would tweet the same things that he would tweet, but it's like, I have Kanye moments, you know, like, um, I think that's the artist than me.

It's like, I don't care what you think your opinion doesn't matter to me. I'm doing it this way. Um, no, I've been like that a lot.

Sorry. No, you're fine.

It's your apartment? It's like rated or something. They'd been running a fire alarms all day, but it stopped for the past, like two hours, something

like, dang, bro. Is there like cops outside with the megaphone? Like. Stop your podcast. Get off the mic, mr. Cleveland, step away from the microphone.

You need an autograph right now, sir. 70 is listen. If you, if you just got up and started running, then I'd be worried. That would be tilted. It always is. It always is. Yeah. You know what? That's that's interesting too. I think a lot of people who are creative, maybe just don't think of the business side. And I think that's kind of like one of those things that I always like wonder when people are really, really passionate about what they do.

Yeah. I, uh, I, I'm getting more passionate about the business side because I know how important it is again. I mean, you're talking to, I mean, I'm 33 now, but if you were talking to the 27 or 28 year old me, it would be. Yeah, I totally get it. I love it. There's this whole area is actually, we're not editing any of this by the way.

Just so you know,the podcast first, are you going to go yell at somebody? This is the best, man. See, I love it. Yeah, this is great. It's all about it's adapting, right? You just gotta roll with it

the best, best hitters. And it's so true. Everyone's going to say, I love that episode. You know, Santa had to go out to his balcony because they were pulling the fire alarm. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. So that's cool. So it's not that, do you have anything to add here? Because since you just decided to, I have some questions on.

What? So I know as a creative, it's really challenging when you have an idea that you think is amazing, but were there times that like, I don't like fear, self doubt, you got self conscious about like putting an idea out there over giving a fear of getting rejected. I know it's happened before. I don't know if I have anything that comes directly to mind.

I know that I have been, I've had moments of self doubt for sure. That have caused me not to make up a decision that I should have. Mmm. If anything, it would probably have been a communication thing where all, man, I want to go speak to this gentleman or this or this or this lady or whatever. It may be in a business setting.

And I kind of was like, Oh, I don't have anything where now I've developed the. Kind of belief in myself that it doesn't matter if I have something to talk about or not. I'm still going to come up to you and shake your hand and say, Hey man, good to see you. And if something sparks and we ended up talking for five minutes, then it happened.

And if not, then the worst you can say about me is that I, you know, I had a weak handshake. You know what I'm saying? That's great, man. You keep the idea of like, regardless, I'm going to make the connection, whether I have company or not. Cause I know I run into it where. So you see something you want to talk to, but it's like, I don't know what I have to offer them, or I don't even know how I approach this conversation.

I think most of the time, again, I'm not telling anybody to just go, you know, like jump off. The end of the diamond board and be like, I don't have anything to bring. I'm just going to go in there and be like, ah, what's up. That's probably not going to be beneficial. But again, like, I'm a big believer in just like that energy man.

Like you can just put it out there. It's going to come back. So. I've always been, but again, you're talking to a guy that always thinks he has a good idea. You know, that's, again, the artist in me, it's like, yeah, people just shake their heads. Sometimes. Maybe I'm having a Kanye moment when I have those thoughts, but I feel like that passion is what keeps you going.

So, yeah. What was the craziest idea that you put out, but it worked. Oh man. Cause I I've seen some of like the experiences that you put on your, your social media. I love looking at your Instagram page because I like the luxury and exclusive stuff. And it's your page is all about, you know, I've always enjoyed collecting man, like.

Again, I was the guy back as 13, even before like the real, like sense of all those Jordan fours or whatever came. I was in line for beanie babies. You know, why beanie babies and baseball cards like bro, I was slinging them. I loved, I loved it. I would go buy beanie babies and go on eBay. And they're like a hundred dollars.

I bought this for 10, like boom, sell it. Like. So that collecting essence of like, man, I love collecting things that are like valued in society and have equity. That was, that was fun to me. Um, but a big deal would be like, I mean, again, there was a really cool collaboration that happened a few years ago with Supreme and Louis Vuitton.

And I was able to facilitate a lot of really, I mean, we had. Collectively me and a partner had like, just an enormous amount of it. Um, and we were able to allocate that to a lot of our clients and, and also sell it for a price increase. I mean, again, sometimes this is a, a gray area of like, man, you guys resell to an extent.

Yeah, that can be true at times, but. Go on eBay and look at Croatian style. It'll be the oldest eBay account ever. There's like 99,000 reviews. You know why? Because he was doing it in the early two thousands. That's why, again, that's why, you know, just, just to, uh, give Dre a little praise right here. Like when Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner and Drake, and a lot of.

Huge people from sports to just like the upper echelon and, and the entertainment realm. Uh, they go to Dre for the shoes. They go to Dre for the Supreme. Like it's always been like that. So I think resale again gets a bad stigma, but again, I'm going I'm sidetracking. Uh, the Louis Vuitton Supreme collection was a huge deal.

And that was more on like a street wear big deal kind of level. I mean, there's been some shoe deals that I've been fortunate enough to be a part of that were major shoe deals. There's a brand that I'm the creator I'm doing creative direction for right now. Have you heard how to retos it's in a glass bottle?

So I picked that up last year. I did. Art Basel. I did a LeBron James opened up a store in Miami called unknown with a couple of owners. Another owner's name is Jarren. Really, really good. Nice guy comes from a great family. Um, and shout out to those guys down there, Peter and Corey and all them. Yeah.

Unknown. It's in Wynwood in Miami anyways.

Okay. So like New York sunshine, my buddy liked the architect that helped build the whole store. Um, anyways, hurried. So it's just pulled up. I mean, again, like I'm doing cultural and fusion projects right now. Like. Her Ritos is, Oh yeah, look it here. See her Ritos yes. I'm not even getting paid to market them.

I'm just being, being authentic right now. There is a great soda and like they're allowing me to do something really cool that no other kind of brand in that lane has ever let me even come around and talk to them about and that's Hey, you guys are in the skate parks. You're in like the, like the, the.

Coachella's you're in the end. They're like, okay, so what do we do? And I'm like, man, let's just infuse ourselves into all these events. So when these stores are having events are Nike's having a release or the super bowl happens, her Ritos was there and has been, I mean, obviously the crisis has shut a lot of this stuff down.

Um, but that's what I've been doing for them is putting them in the right places. I mean, when Kanye West that is Sunday service, the opera. Uh, for the super bowl, I was, that was that art Basel. It was art Basel. Um, I drove out there early with the hurried so's truck and we supplied the whole choir and everybody working on Sunday service with how do you toes?

So they got to drink potatoes with their catered meals. That's amazing. How the hell does that happen? Does it, do you walk up to them and say, listen, this is what I do. Do they say, who are you? Who are you? I mean, so I went through my phone and found a contact inside of production that knew who was doing the production for Kanye stuff, hit him up.

I was like, bro, I need a favor. But in this favor, I was like, you're going to look great. Cause I'm about to drop off 5,000 sodas and just like, bless him. Like kind of Chick-fil-A did the same thing. And again, like. It was just on a window. It was on a whim. I was down there running, running the Hottie toast stuff.

I'm a big art collector too. So like art Basel was, you know, it's a big week in Miami. Um, there's a lot of events to go to and that I was helping out with, but it just came to my mind. I mean, shoot Dior like Christian Dior. I don't know if you guys are familiar with the, uh, the designer for the menswear Kim Jones Jones.

Yes. So Kim Jones is the man first and foremost like this dude. I hope you hears this because Kim, you are a legend. Like this guy is a really awesome guy. On the court in his design lab and off the court as a people person, he liked really genuinely as a nice guy. He's invited me to the last few shows, the one in Miami and another opportunity like that just popped into my mind.

I'm like, Oh my gosh, I gotta send Kim Jones and the whole Dior team Hottie toes. So sure enough, I just brought the truck over there and offloaded it to him. So again, like I'm getting back to like, Being able to work with the brands freely like that, where it's genuinely heartfelt. I feel like that's what makes a lasting impact.

You know, people don't remember all the things that you tell them, they just remember how you made them feel. So if I can incorporate that into this new hot tow stuff. That's kind of how I felt was best serving them. Do you find that it's a lot of people that you collaborate with work with network with are very likeminded.

Do you feel like they have that kind of where their heart on their sleeve, big, hard type of like gratitude people first type of mentality? I think it's mixed. I mean, you can find the good and you can find the bad. It just depends on where you're looking. You know, I've been both ways I have spent.

Probably the majority not doing the latter of the two where I've been like, I mean, you know, I feel like I've been growing up so I can see like the good in this and stuff. But man, I mean, overall, I would be lying if I said, this is just like a joyful industry. Like it's cutthroat. I mean, you hear stories about models and this and, and, and, and drugs here.

And I mean, bro, it's real. And in fact it's like, Belligerently apparent, you know, on the highest level. So like-mindedness creatively maybe, but, um, and again, it's not a comparison. I think it just stems from like what your belief system is, you know, like, cause at the end of the day, that's really all you got.

If you tore everything apart, it's not really you're, you are not, I believe you are not what you do. Who you are and what you do are two totally different things. You know what I'm saying? Like that's why, you know, just to kind of go on a tangent what's happening right now. I consider this the greatest reset of our modern day.

Like we're not at war, but. If you kind of looked out in the streets of big cities, you could almost imagine that you are because nothing's happening to an extent, you know, like it's very sobering. So that reset that's taken place is affecting. A lot of us create us. Like I said, the luxury industry is collapsing on itself.

I mean, God, God only knows how much a hundred billion dollar hit this could be to, to just, you know, LVMH. Uh, but. I think, I don't know. I don't, I don't know if we're very like minded. Like I said, like this is affecting all of us. The industry is focused on a lot of the bad things that are happening. I'm kind of focused right now on like, how can this help me build?

I mean, this is, like I said, this is a really good self building opportunity for all of us. I just, I genuinely believe that. I mean, I get to be more present as a father right now. I get to spend some more time in my lab, so to speak in my office, thinking about genuine ideas that can help people. Like, again, I like to believe I'm a nice guy, but at no other point in my life, since this stuff has happened, have I really been trying to design and come up with concepts from my heart?

Like how can I help people? I mean, again, I believe if this continues long enough, Saint Laurent bomb on Javan. She, those brands aren't going to exist. There, there might not be a lot of brands we see around today cause they can't hold up without people buying them. And if that takes place, then we're going to move back into a old school era where.

Combat boots or I'm just, you know, I'm going a little bit extreme, but like cargo pants, heavy duty jeans and like farm industrial, where are like what people are wearing, because we don't need to show boat anymore. Why the economy crashed? I don't care about your Rolex. You know what I'm saying? Like, again, that's the negative side.

The positive side is how refreshing is it? Like people are less materialistic. I heard that the Venice canals are crystal clear right now. You know, like again, there's a lot happening. A lot is resetting itself. The earth is cleansing itself. The sex trafficking, bro. These people can't move again. I took it there.

I'm sorry, but I'm so that excites me, like ll these pedophiles and crime rings, they're getting found out. Some dude just got busted in Korea, a massive, uh, sex trade guy. These people are getting pinned out because they can't move. Governments are shutting airlines down. Like they can't trade. I think this is cleansing the swamp, like in a lot of different ways, every industry is going through like, uh, uh, uh, control alt delete process.

Some of them just might not turn back on. I see that completely though from like a micro and macro level from a personal side, just the reset, like you said, As a dad to the macro level where businesses are not going to be able to open up again. And now you're going to have, you know, maybe the small guy will emerge out of all this, like to someone who started.

Yes. First time the billionaire is the underdog. The creative entrepreneur is the billionaire bro. That you just said it, but you know what though? Here's the thing it's I believe that a thousand percent, but I think what's, it's going to take is someone to believe it enough to cause action, like for them to take action.

So, you know what now is the time like this may be the hardest time, but this could be my best year and this is how it can happen. Amen. Every great generational wealth type guy. Would sit down in my opinion, again, this is probably a subjective risk taking in down markets and seizing opportunities that a lot of people are scared.

That's when you see man, that's when you go again, I'm not, again, we're in a crazy period right now, but like Warren buffet said, you don't go and buy stock. When everybody wants to buy stock, you buy stock when nobody wants to touch it. Yeah, absolutely. This is a time for a lot of opportunity to be made. Um, so what would you tell someone who is a creative and up and coming creative during this time?

Right now, what's something that you could do to help move the needle. So I think there's two different things on a broader level of a business sense. I think that. Conservative minded thinking right now is advantageous. I believe that, um, it's not about what you spend. I forget the saying it's about what you save though.

That's what I mean. It's always about what you're saving. You know, it's not about what you have at times like this it's about what are, what you got material-wise it's about what you have in store for the rainy day. Uh, I can't say I have any advice about how long it's gonna last for the luxury market and just fashion and style and this whole industry of lifestyle and stuff in general.

But, um, I think it'll be awhile. I do think that it's going to be tough, but if you believe in your brand and you believe in it, then. Good advice. Isn't always easy to swallow, but my best advice would be to be steadfast in this and to weather the storm as best as possible if you truly believe in it. Um, and if not, then consider it a great opportunity for you to travel down a different Avenue.

I mean, that's, that's, that's really all I can say. I mean, it's, it's, it's not easy to hear, but again, it's like, we're looking at. Statistics that show it's going to be difficult for everyone to survive it, but that doesn't mean that you can't find something inside of your business to attach onto another idea.

Um, or again, just weather the storm and hope hopefully come out on top. That's what I can say, create creatively. Um, cause you know, I don't really have any strategies. I mean, everybody's selling their products online, go to every single store that, you know, sells. Clothing and stuff that's shut down right now.

And every mixed city, they're all online, but what's separating one store from getting the online sales from another one. I genuinely don't know. But more importantly, what I would say is advice is just overall, uh, again, creating from the heart and not the mind, I think is what creates a good legacy. Um, as, as a creator.

I think a lot of us and even myself have fallen into this trap of creating legends for ourselves. And legends are all about me. Legacies are all about a generation of wealth and wealth doesn't necessarily, you know, historically mean just money. It means wisdom and, and opportunity and et cetera, et cetera.

Uh, good things that, you know, everybody wants. So. I say, you know, create from the heart, you know, live by faith. I like to say, and, uh, everything will work out for the good, I genuinely believe that, this is the perfect number to need to create a virus.

Right, man, there's some crazy stuff that we've been thinking of, like doing a live podcast or not like podcasts, a live stream. I mean, honestly, man, I have been trying to get people that are connected to Kanye or other people. Why doesn't he do a Sunday service for the whole world?

Wow. Why doesn't he do that? That would be great. That would be great. And I think that's what kind of, I think that's what people need. Yeah. Everybody's on their phone, man. Everybody's, everybody's using technology more than ever right now. You know, what's interesting too, is that, uh, I think people are gonna are going to be forced to, and this is all over to be a creative.

And here's why, here's why I think there's a lot of people that are getting, going to get laid off. And a lot of people that are going to be out of jobs that are not going to get rehired. And I think, and I think they're going to have to start and now is the perfect opportunity to do it is they're going to have to start thinking about all right, what's next.

And then you start thinking about the stuff that you're really passionate about, that you don't mind doing and actually doing the grind work and all the dirty work, getting your hands dirty now. So if, and when that does happen, that you already have a plan to move that forward. Yeah. I think a lot of people are going to be forced to do that.

And I think now's the time to just to start thinking about it. Cause a lot of people probably been thinking about it. If you're creative at heart, you've been doing something or there's something out there that you really enjoy doing, writing, styling, podcasting, recording music, whatever it is, like, start paying more attention to that.

Just to get you going back. I agree with you, for sure. I think that creatives, like you said, that kind of underdog. This young creative entrepreneur, they're going to be so valuable. And top dog, I mean, this great reset means that things will have to be taken on differently. You know, positions will not be there anymore that were there in the past.

There's a great saying. It says it's like a principle, even though like, uh, the methods and what you use, uh, change over time, you know, like a line scan, for instance, wineskins were made out of like cow. Stomachs, I think way back in the day, they would have to change out the wineskins for new ones. But the principle of the wine skin carrying the wine never changed.

So like, what you sell is, you know, this pin, but how you sell it will ultimately change. It has to. I could, I could tell you, like, I think sometimes the hardest part, at least coming from this space, and it's not that you tell me what you think about this. It's like when you have something you're passionate about and you know that you want to extend your reach and you have lofty goals, it's, it's hard because sometimes you don't want to get into that comparison games.

Like, Hey, what's someone else doing? How are they doing? What progress are they making? And then you're thinking about like, all right, where are we in that whole scheme of things? And are we, do we need to pivot, do we not need to pivot the way continue on this course? And they could screw with you big time.

And I think that's hard. I mean, have you ever experienced anything like that where you got into the Harrison game or thought about like, I don't know, man, like, what am I doing wrong? And then you maybe just crave someone to reach out and throw you in line. Oh yes. I, I mean, broken, comparing is a double edged sword.

It's like, half of it is what you just said, but if you don't have a marker to compare, like for instance, if you're in the game right now as a designer and you're like trying to stay with, I guess, The real driving force behind all this is, and you don't know who Virgil Abloh is. That's a problem. You know, like if you tell me you're all into fashion and stuff and this, that, and the other, and you don't know what, like rushing is, bro, that's a problem.

You know what I'm saying? Like, I don't blame, I'm not mad at you. You might be a great designer. So that's the thing. And that's where we come into this world of tech tech, man, Virgil. Good designer. He's done great things, bro. Put him in a room with like critical old school supplies from the 1910s twenties.

Kim Jones, him bro Kim, every day. You know why? Cause Kim grew up fashion, fashion, fashion, fashion, studying, cutting a static design. It's just different levels. I can't say Virgil. Isn't successful. Look at him. He's killing it, but then does that make him a better designer? That is the question. Do you think that a lot with design is subjective though, because one person to say, listen, I love Virgil and someone may say, you know what?

Now, Kim Kim's just is a lot better. I think so. Again, it's all about being relative. Now, the tech has made these designers have to be cool because if you're not cool, who wants to buy your shit? Like not as cool as Virgil. You know why? Because Virgil's Kanye West's friend and he came up in the rap community and, and he's, he's a young black entrepreneur.

Yeah. People love that. People love it. I love that. But I also know that Kim Jones is a better designer. Well, for me, what he did with Louis Baton was insane because Gucci was starting to run laps around them. And he came in with this new design, just kind of reworking it and throw it in all these crazy colors, which just blew it out of the water.

I always have it, like, just appreciate what you did with obviously were awful. But what he did with the, and time was crazy. And see, that's the thing we call again. And this is like a tight community mood board. Designing is something that I do, even if you caught me in a creative space, I'll have some sketches and stuff, but it would be like a lot of written notes and like lines drawn and like, like, like the kind of detective board I've always been like that for real, like, yeah, seriously.

It's like that you go into like a genuine Oscar de LA Renta. You're going to see like beautiful like hand drawn, like dresses and stuff, bro. That's like, Picasso, I'm not that, but I'm, that's, what's crazy about this industry I'm in is you don't have to be that anymore. The rules are changing. What we're doing has been the same.

It's just who can adapt the fastest. So again, back to like what just said, if you are this creative. In your industry and you have the product that you're focused on making better or the service or whatever it is, all you have to do is be the person that comes up with that great idea. Now because tech and all these other industries that are integrated in themselves are allowing Severino Alvarez, not to be a great artist, to be a great designer or a great, uh, organizer to have a good team, you know, like.

Or pay my bills. Cause I got quit. You know what I'm saying? Like there's a lot of different methods that help us all succeed. It's just who is going to use the new methods to do the same thing the best. If you do it the best, there is no recession. Yeah. And you know, what's interesting is that I think about like, I'm thinking social media as you talk, because I think about people who were kind of on the come up and are trying to figure out how to hell to make their passion, their dream work, especially your creative, your artist type of person.

You go to places to figure out, am I doing this right? How do I do it? You learn from people, YouTube universities. We talk about it all the time. You can start, you can pretty much find out what to do anywhere on YouTube. Someone has some type of thing, but like, you know, the one thing that's interesting though, is like, how do you find out like, You get the same information from everyone.

Like someone puts out a video saying, Hey, listen, you want to become a stylist or you want to do this, or be better in networking or whatever it is, follow this my five-step rule, you know, you're like click on my video and you get the five step rule for that. And you can get inundated with this stuff.

Like, but at what point do you just kind of say, alright, I got to do it my way and not get so caught up in what everyone else is pushing in your face. That's like the fashion to style thing for me. And so there's two things that I actually, I love that you just brought it up. Experience, invest in yourself.

Don't invest in anything. Don't invest in cryptocurrency. Or I invest in art cause I already invested in myself, invest in yourself. I did a, I'm going to show you. I did. Let's see here. 19 2019. This is last year. That was 30. I'm 32. And I did here we go. 160,110 miles on Delta. Last year, seven trips around the world got to travel.

You've got to listen. You've got to people live entirely different than Americans. Going and seeing that and experiencing that from just that interaction with an, a teller to the way they eat and their, in their, uh, cultural norms, all the things. Um, I think that is the major, major, key. It's, it's, it's honestly the biggest thing investing in yourself and traveling around and like learning it firsthand.

And the second thing that you just asked them. Sorry, what was it? So it was asking about like the, and I just, I just have a elapsed here because I got so, so what you're saying? No, no, no, no, I loved it, but it was just me. It was about like people searching for information. And how do you avoid just falling into the pattern of just getting the same information and applying, Hey, you know, this is what you need to do.

Take these steps and it's going to work. Yeah. So never been a big fan of. Uh, the whole YouTube videos or just videos. I mean, again, like it's one thing to be informative and stuff, and I'm not even going to say that I haven't ventured down that path, but I think that's the, where I was saying the style and the fashion of things fashion since 30 years ago has been even before that probably, but like since tech and in your face, but social media is all about what people are telling you.

You should wear it. Now style is who you are. It's like, now I might have different styles, but if you saw me, you would probably be, I don't think anybody would ever be, especially now it'd be like, Whoa, what's Sevi wearing like in a bad way. Like, it would be like, Oh, that that's what steady wearing. That's dope.

Not like what the heck? Like, again, I'm not hating, but you would never see me. Swear to God and like address, I would just never come in and like some bikini dress now, more power to you. If you want to do that, that's not here nor here, nor there. If I walked in to a podcast with you guys and you saw that, that would be like, not my style, but what I'm saying is you can take pieces from fashion and incorporate them into your style, but you have to watch out because again, fashion is just a game, an invisible monster of people.

And. Acquaintances, mostly telling you what you should and shouldn't wear based on either price point or exclusivity. I think there's a fine line of, that's not really style and that's just, you have a bunch of disposable income and you're spending it on that. Your crazy. I love my scars. I, I have a problem.

I have a problem. I see. It's even now, like, I'm not going to lie, guys. I go on grilled and eBay right now. And I'm like, I wonder if anybody's trying to sell anything for like what they can get right now. And like, you're just all these scars that pop up and you're just like, come on really. But yeah, I love it.

Do you miss flipping at all? Um, I mean, everything's for sale. Like I think I like my stuff. I love, I love my stuff, but I'm just trying not to attach myself to it. Especially the art and high end pieces. Like for instance, scars, there's some stuff. Of course I would not sell guys like the bag that my wife got me on our honeymoon.

It's old, but I love it. I'll never get rid of it, you know, but a lot of my stuff is just like, now that the older I get and I have boys and whatever, I like art lore, but shoot, I sold art. I bought art. And then a year later it was worth double. I be stupid. That would be a bad business move from my perspective, unless I really could not live without it.

I think that's just a game of choice. Like if you're a car guy, then don't ever sell your nine 11 turbo, you know what I'm saying? If you're a, if you're an art guy, then I would not sell your Picasso. At least not right now.

I have been. Oh, man. I did a purge and that's another thing, like back to like the reset, like even before this exactly happened and we all got shut down. I had been still in some like, just weight of like, I got so much stuff it's too much. Like, you know, I had just actually come back from Mexico and I see these kids down there, bro.

It's just terrible. And I'm like, why do I have 250 pairs of shoes in my house right now? Why? So, yeah, I've sold a lot. Thank God. I sold some of them because I wouldn't be able to sell much right now. So I have a real kind of personal question. I guess, if you were starting off the street wear shoe game and you haven't just a shoe game and you were going to buy just your first pair of shoes that you wanted to get, what would you go with?

Well, I would go, I'm a black vans where, but that's like, definitely not like the street. So like, don't take my advice, but like, I wear vans. I'm wearing bands right now, but sneakers, I would have to go with either an air max, uh, an air max one, or I have to go with the probably, I mean, Jordan ones, Jordan fours, but the air force one is like one of my favorite silhouettes ever.

I have more different renditions of the air force, one silhouette than probably any shoe in my closet. Air force one, man. Do you like the solid colors? Are you just all about color? I like everything, man. I mean, my house is very monotone. Like my house walls are why and like it's white and black usually.

Uh, but like, so I like, I like very neutrals, but I also like a lot of color as well, too, for sure. Sneakers that you were wearing.

Oh, the hiking boots. Oh man. I love those things. They're so cool. So I've been trying to convince Craig to just pull the trigger on these. He's in love with these, the Adidas Bates that, uh, that collab that came out maybe like two years ago, those are like $2,000. No, no, no, no. These are like, I think they're like 300 now.

Oh, okay. Okay. The ultra boost ones, they came out with an NMD. Four or five years ago. And those are like $2,500. I didn't even get a pair of like, bro, I'm not wearing those MDs, but the $300 ones. Are you going with the black? No, not the black, the green good choice.

Yeah, I've been, I've been, uh, stalking them for quite some time, but you know what, here's another thing too.

So I was checking out like I really want to do this and this guy got him over here. I really wanted those plum bait. Those plum dunks. That came out, but listen, I saw you wearing them too. So, uh, but because I love them, I just love the colors, but you know what here's the thing is, it's the average guy like myself, who's getting into the game now I'm really finds an interest in it.

And I really like it. Am I going to get onto the Nike app? And really when these things drop, get a pair. Yeah, every now and then you will, do you think it's like, cause it seems like it's almost like winning the lotto. And I tried to get a pair of shoes. I had stuff over here in my basement that I've literally pulled off the apps.

That's the greatest thing about doing this is like, I'll always sit my people up at the brands or the stores that sell the brand and hopefully get a little bit of allocation. But when I have to take care of people, I have to do that as it is. But bro, I always go on the app always. Oh, even this Thursday, man, when Supreme releases they're doing a Lamborghini collab, I'm going to go on the app and try to get a sweatshirt.

Yeah, you got to try. Oh, absolutely. Do you feel like you've been more successful or less doing that? The same. I mean, it's, it's, it's not 50 50. I would say that it's it's I have a 10% chance at one or two out of every 10 times I get a shoe, but if I'm doing every shoe. I mean, shoot, I'm not gonna lie. My wife got a Travis Scott Jordan off of the sneaker.

No kidding by wife. Everybody. Cause I always tell my mom like, Hey mom, go on the sneaker app to see even my mom. Why not? You're telling me, listen, you want to be an entrepreneur? Get your family involved, man. Your mom, I'm going to give you 150 or 200 bucks if you get the shoe. Okay, honey. Cool. And she does it.

Oh yeah, for sure. Oh, that's be resourceful right there. We got to, I mean, if the shoe selling for $2,000, I'd be happy to give my mom 200 or $500. You know what, and you're the, actually the perfect person to ask this because what does a company like Nike think, like, what does a company like, Nike puts out these shoes, right.

And they do this collaborate,

but they're still doing it. Right. They're still, they're still pushing out these shoes, discipline. They're still doing the collaborations. Oh man, like, okay. I must have misinterpreted your question or do you mean, do they like the resale game? Well, maybe it's not that it's like, well, because there's, sometimes they're so hard and they're like, they're only making, so a 200 bucks, whatever it is, let's say they drop a sneaker and they sell it for 200 and then it goes for.

2000, but they keep, they keep doing it though. They're not, they're not changing the way people are getting the shoes. It's honestly the most crazy system and how it works. Even still boggles me. And it's always changing. It's literally the matrix. Like they, they, they publicly are like, you know, we don't like the resale, yada, yada, but trust me, they love the resell and brands that say that like Supreme, no offense, James Gebbia.

Cool dude. Much respect to him. The resell is what has made their stuff. What it is, Andre Lou Stena, Croatian style wouldn't have been selling SDS and courting them like back in the day. In a lot of senses. I don't think that SB market, I mean, honestly it would be the same. That's a bold statement. People will be like, how dare savvy, this, that, and the other.

But I'm like, I just call it how I see it, man. No, you know what though? I believe it, because you think about it, like maybe that, that, that shoe would never have the buzz. It has. Without something like that happening, like it's, it's the one thing, the one action that causes a reaction somewhere else, like this had to happen in order for the market to the bargain, to be where it's at.

But you got to understand too is even though that like stock X and all this stuff is just like in the last couple of years, become so big that everybody knows about resell. Now that's been happening for a long time. I mean, You know, like when Kanye West was with Nike and he made the red Octobers and the air Yeezy and stuff, like people were still waiting in line for that shoe.

You know, like there's a lot of shoes throughout history throughout the early two thousands. I mean, man, if you were getting, if you were copping Supreme and 2003, four, five, six, all my gosh. You were killing it, killing it. It's crazy. You had that forward thinking though. You really had at the time. Oh man.

Did you? It's it's it's so saturated now to look back on. And that's why I'm saying like, even when people have that negative stigma about resell and like, man, you just don't understand, you see it for what it's the monster that it's evolved into. So you don't see it for what it used to be. Andre used to pick up sneakers that couldn't sell and people's stores.

Just imagine you own a store back in the day. And you're like, dude, nobody in LA is buying this or Andre's going to come in and sell it to some dude in Japan for you, you need a friend like that. You need it. And now everybody wants to be like, all you guys are reselling. I'm like, no. And again, this is a great thing.

You know, the Paris SB it's called the Paris dunk, probably one of the most expensive, uh, resoled shoes. I mean, we just sold one for $26,000 for one pair of shoes and. Dre there was like, I forget exactly how many pairs of them were made. I think less than a hundred. And I think Dre got like 35 pairs and back in the day, people were like, what are you doing, man?

And he's like, Oh, just wait, just wait. So here's my one, not one grade, but with the whole resell market. So soul fly did the collab and they dropped the Jordan ones. So I went to university of Miami. So when they dropped a pair of Miami colored Jordans, I'm for sure going to be. Yeah, I hate that because the resell market is so high and pipe just gets crazy.

I have to pay way over retail for these shoes that I want because everyone who doesn't really care, they have no real connection to the shoe at all, are going to buy it and say, it's worth a thousand dollars. What do you feel about like the hype market? Of course leather or the, uh, the tumble.

So fly is again, you gotta, you gotta watch what you say. Cause I mean, soul fly is actually connected to the Jordan family. I don't know if he knows

the whole soul fly situations, a situation in itself. Trust us, those students. I mean, I'm with you, man.

Travis Scott's I'm with you. I don't want to like go to detail and give like all the, you know, like stuff that just doesn't need to be spoken out there. But at the end of the day, we're paying over to you guys are getting to retail.

I mean, you got to understand it just, it just depends on the deal, but a lot of times, no, I don't want people over here thinking it's like, Oh my gosh, you're getting these for a hundred bucks. You used to be able to do that. But because all these. Novices for lack, for lack of better words have saturated the market everybody's wised up.

I mean, again, like nobody's happy getting the great deal they had before. They want to like service it out to all these other buyers now. Cause everybody's got cash. You know, how many kids in Beverly Hills using daddy's money to go and do a huge buy. Yeah, where that wasn't possible back in the day that that, that is cutting into our business.

Half of me is like, Oh, I love it. Okay. You kids have wised up. You're using a tool that you've been blessed with to capture the market. So I can't hate on them. I mean, they're just doing what they gotta do, but the other side of me is like, man, these stores are literally just going to the best buyer. Now, like the loyalty factor is gone.

The like, yo, I took care of you for 10 years. What are you doing? Selling to these people is gone. Like, it's just changed to the point now where it's like, Oh, you want a hundred pairs of Travis's? How much are they going for on stock X, a thousand dollars. All right. Pay me 750 each pair. And sometimes you just still have to do it.

And you look at what you just spend on shoes. And you're like, Oh my gosh, I hope the market doesn't crash tomorrow. And that's how it goes. And that, and that unfortunately is how it goes sometimes. Yeah, it's good to hear that. Not even you guys are getting it for the juice that like, in my mind, I'm thinking that you guys would be the only people who are getting it for actually retail, but it's good to hear that.

Like nobody, and again, like, I'd be lying. If I said I don't get taken care of personally. I have to separate myself with blitz my friends that know I do brand development and creative direction for blitz. And I work with Andre on a lot of other side projects. No, that I do a lot of other stuff. I have to keep those separate.

And this is why I do grant development with Dre and I'll help him on his big deals and all that stuff. And a lot of things, if people from stores are Nike or Supreme or any brand Louis Vuitton is sending me products. I'm not selling that product. I'm keeping that for myself. I'm not out here to like service my friends, generosity to me to make a quick buck.

I don't do that. No, I feel like that's kind of an ethical. No, no, for me, I mean, if you own a store and you knew that I really wanted a pair of shoes, but I could sell it for 1500. If you knew I was hurting, you probably wouldn't mind. But if you kept sending me shoe after shoe and you knew that I was just putting them on SOC X, I think that would probably offend you a little bit.

It's like, bro. I'm sending these to you. So you can like look fresh, bro. Like these are limited. Wear them, enjoy them. Like tear them up. Don't sell them though. Yeah, it makes total sense. Yeah. No, I liked that, but you know, if you think about it, it kind of this, doesn't it all come down to supply and demand regardless.

I mean, because, because ultimately if people are spending the money in purchasing them, it's not like that. They're not buying them. Right. It's so it's not someone saying, Hey, listen, you may have some people just can't afford it and won't buy it. And then you may have some other people saying, listen, I know it's double the price, triple the price, but I'm still gonna buy it cause I want, yeah, no, I mean, it happens at all.

It's not just a sneaker industry. Right? So it's like, again, I mean, if there's people out there spending the money, wanting to then, I mean, maybe they're really setting the price in the market. I agree with you. And I actually think that that's something, one code that I've lived by that might help some people that are listening out.

I know this was huge for me. I like nice things. I'd love, nice things like, but it has to be top of the line. You know what I'm saying? But again, top of the line let's, let's, let's dissect that if you have Honda money, then go get a top of the line. Of course, the limited with the leather with the six days with the flash, it's a great car.

You know what I'm saying? If you don't even have Honda money, then just go get a great running, whatever, but make sure it's top tier, because then you don't have like the door handles falling off and like, Oh, this button doesn't work well. That's because brands don't care about their bottom of the line crap anymore.

Either you're buying the black label. Ralph Lauren post 2015, you're either buying purple label or black label, or just go and buy Carhartt. If you want something that's going to last, or if you want something that's kind of cool and cheap, then just go shop American apparel or H and M I'm cool with that.

But I think it's like when people start trying to do more than, you know, it's one thing to floss and spend out of your budget because I'm guilty of that too. At times spending more than I probably should be doing, or I think everybody can sometimes not everybody, but a lot of us can say we're guilty of that.

But one thing I cannot stand, don't go out and stake. It don't go out and be the guys that are wearing the fake Almar and the fake brass necklace. Like don't do that. That is negative self image. If you have so much, so little. Self-respect that you have to go buy something fake or put like the AMG emblem on your bins.

And it's not an AMG, bro. That is like, come on, I'd rather see you. And like the most cool two door smart car than a steak AMG Benz that you know, that you can barely afford. I mean again, that's just me. I've always been like that. I think that's, that's a good goal setter though. Cause it's like, Hey, I have a great Honda.

This feels good. Like I have a really nice work and car and it's got a V six and it's got a little bit more power and Yachty, whatever it may be. And even though you want a Lambo, you're not going to go get like the Nissan and put a kit car on it and turn it into a Lambo. You know what I'm saying? Like, I think you guys understand what I'm saying?

That goes for everything. Yeah. Be true to yourself. Absolutely. I heard this, I love this. The saying sometimes cheap is expensive, bro. Tell me I liked that too. And you know, like there's multiple pictures of like bill Gates, like in his, like his get up, whatever it is, his khakis with his Brown belt and his glasses.

And then Warren Buffett with like his wrinkled white button down. Look like his tie. That's Louis. Dinner jacket. And there's like, man, there's like $500 billion right there. And not a Gucci belt in sight. Like these dudes are wearing sights, CECO or Casio watches, bro.

Start realizing it doesn't really matter. It doesn't again, I love this stuff. Have fun with it. Enjoy it. Be competitive, but again, like know yourself. I think if you have those balances, it makes it actually fun again. Yeah. Very true. So semi what's your favorite collab? Oh man. I'm waiting on the Dior Jordans right now.

Yo Kim Jones. Thank you. They said they're sending me a pair of them. So that is what I'm looking forward to right now past collab. There's a lot, man. Like the LV Supreme. Mmm. I have some shoes obviously that are just like, really like serious to me. It's hard. I feel like I give you bad answers. Cause it's just like, man, it's so hard.

A future one I gave you though, the Dior Jordan I've really, I'm really looking forward to that. We were talking about the chunky donkeys that are coming out. Oh, Ben and Jerry's Ben and Jerry's,

I'm actually working on some stuff, but with Nike, I really hope that in fact, the funny thing is that Ben and Jerry could potentially push some stuff that I've been trying to work out for them, but like it it's. It's such an amazing shoe. And honestly, SB is such a cool brand because of like the diversity that they can go down and just do stuff with random brands like that.

Yeah. But that's like kind of speaking to what you're doing with her. Retos, it's like the fact that you're able to navigate that and create something with that brand and integrate it into the culture is amazing. It's like, Your limitations are only what you think of. Like, if you can think this could work, you can make it work.

Cause I thought I would see Ben and Jerry's collab with Nike. I mean bro, Travis, Scott just collaborated with Racies puffs. Yeah. What is going on? It's because the lifestyle industry is. Elevating itself where everybody's looking at it as like, and now these CEOs and their officers are like, well, shoot, why don't we just give back kid, that's a wrap for the mic.

I mean, or that model who's, you know, if it's, if it's not Travis Scott or Bella Hadid, who is it now? It's crazy for the first time ever athletes have almost taken a back burner to these. Influencers. Yeah. Big time. Big time. Yeah. That's amazing. So savvy. I, listen, I'm not kidding. I could literally talk to you for like another four hours.

I'm not joking. I seriously, I mean, I have like a boatload of questions. Questions still. We can talk. I got it. What time is it? It's five. I mean, you guys have to go. I got, I got, we can go. And I got 10, 12 minutes. Alright, let's see. So do you have anything for, for 70 that we missed? I know we're like, we're really taking a lot of his time here.

Uh, man, I, I was, I really wanted to know just. With your creative process, what are like, cause I know that when I'm trying to think about like stuff to create, I get in my own head. And what are some things that you do quiet, that other person in your mind who's come telling me all about idea? Like what do you do by overcoming that?

It varies. I think I go to, I love music. So I listen to music. That's always been good and clearing my head. I read, I read, I think reading was great. Um, one thing that I personally practice is like speaking, and I know this sounds crazy. It's not like I literally talked to myself, but your voice means more to your subconscious than most people know.

Like it's that self-talk now I don't think you should be like, into some like psychological, strange state of mind where you're just like, you know, talking into a wall all day.

But I think positive self-talk, as certain times has been beneficial for me. Um, you know, again like that voice that you're, you're talking about, it exists in every thing.

I think I'm speaking truth. I mean again, like I'm a firm believer that truth and love conquer all things. So if you know who you are and whose you are, that stuff doesn't matter. But I mean, that's a very broad answer. I don't know, really, other than like, I'm just so competitive, man, like. I might become like the victimization mentality for a quick minute and be like, man, these people and what do I do?

And that doubt, but I'm like, wait, wait, wait, wait, slap myself. You know, and be like, bro, I'm a competitor, I'm a warrior. I think it's just that warrior mindset, man. Like again, I think it just goes back to that belief system I'm out here trying to create a legacy, you know, like, so yeah. Yeah. Do you think a lot of that was rooted from sports?

Oh yeah. My father too, you know, my parents really ingrained a lot of good principles and belief system into me that I've held onto. My dad came from nothing, you know, he didn't, he, he doesn't, he didn't have a dad really. So, um, yeah, just the importance of family. And, uh, again, man, like, What a better time to be alive.

Right. And all the tragedy and everything that's going on right now. Thank God for America. I'm not saying that the politics and things, aren't good. I'm just telling you to look at the silver lining all of us for one minute. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else right now than in America. Thank God for that, because this is a crazy thing, you know, like, and there's a lot of things that can get better, but the positivity.

And likeminded people like us, I think trying to spread good, good, good things. And a good message is, is what it takes. Yeah, absolutely. And I gotta tell you, uh, I want to personally thank you like from connecting with you down in Miami and having my conversation down there, I really enjoyed connecting with you and having a conversation, uh, for the short time that we're able to do that down there.

So thank you for that. I really do appreciate it and it's truly, and I think I speak for you as I know I speak for you. It's not days that we're honored to have you here. Thank you so much for this. This was just awesome. I learned so much. I'm excited to go out and get those damn vapes. Now I want to go out again.

I may just go on stock X now. Go on and do it. It's going to take about three weeks to get to you. Yeah. That's where I've been already waiting like six months and what's another thing we gotta pull the trigger. It's a good decision. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you guys. I appreciate it. It was, uh, the pleasure's all mine.

Yeah, absolutely. Before we let you go, we always got to end it with, what are you grateful for right now, man? I am so grateful for time when my wife and kids. That's what I'm thankful for right now. Yeah. Especially if they're logging all those miles, man. I'm thankful. It's, it's, it's good. There's a lot to be thankful for other than those things, but those are my, those are my top three right now.

Awesome. So I know after people listen to this, they're going to want to find out and know more about you and see what's going on on your social media. How can people find you? Uh, well, if you want to go on Instagram, that's literally all I have. I don't have Facebook, Twitter or anything, but it's, um, it's Severino truly. Truly

crazy stuff that you guys did a complex con with the half pipe made a dos. Oh my goodness. Oh yeah. Go check out project splits. Go check out, go check out. Andre, check everybody out. Check out the podcast. I appreciate you guys. Now we appreciate you. Thank you very much. And yes. Check out all those places.

Cause we haven't. They're great. All right. Cool man. All right, peace. Thank you guys so much. We'll catch you next week.

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