Who Are You? w/ High Performance Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and Creator of The Next 90, Nick Long

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

In this empowering episode, we sit down with high performance coach, serial entrepreneur and creator of The Next 90, Nick Long. Nick is not your ordinary entrepreneur, in fact his journey is very far from ordinary. During his 18+ year entrepreneurial journey, Nick went from being multi-millionaire, to 100k in debt, broke and working at at pizzeria for $10.00 an hour. Determined to succeed, Nick tells a story about how he found inspiration from his grandfather, which changed his life's focus from making a profit, to having his profits fill his purpose. Nick is not just building businesses, but he is also helping others live life with purpose. After being part of the Wake Up Warrior Program since 2015, Nick is now helping men through The Next 90. An immersive 90 day challenge that helps men break free from the person they used to be and live a life they truly want. If your'e looking to level up you game, hear inspirational stories about victory, defeat and the bounce back, this episode is definitely for you. You can check out Nick @nicklong365 on Instragram. You Can Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewhitetigerpodcast/  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewhitetigerpodcast/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/whitetiger092 Also Check out our YouTube Channel at: https://youtu.be/oP_LAWULXCs

Full Transcript of Episode:

spk_1:   0:22 All right, all right, all right. What is up, everybody. And welcome back to another spk_0:   0:26 fun filled episode of the White Tiger podcast. I'm Craig Castle it on your co host. But you guys know that already. And I'm here with the one and only the man. You know, I love my podcasting partner in crime, Asante Cleveland. spk_2:   0:39 And now I have some exciting news. I'm officially just at Sante Cleveland Instagram. So, yes, that is bigger news than most spk_0:   0:48 official, the official. And you know, it's it's taking him a very, very long time to spk_2:   0:52 get that. So very long ago, we were talking on the podcast like you're at least a year ago. Perseverance is key, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. Finding already people, but important thing to this spk_0:   1:04 week. We are very honored blasting very grateful toe Have this week's guest. His name is Nick Lawn. If spk_2:   1:09 you guys were watching, you can see this gentleman right over here. We're very blessed spk_0:   1:12 to have him here today. He is not just a high performance sales coach. He is a serial entrepreneur investor. He is the CEO Performance Capital Group. Well, it's getting launched. Yeah, Yeah, I think I know you just put it out. Put it out there. The universe? Yeah, exactly. There you go. You're right. I am the CEO of Performance Capital Group. That's right. And he is not just that, but he is a proud husband, A very proud father. And I didn't know this, but I found this out recently. He has a PhD from the school of hard knocks. That's right. I love that I have a PhD from the school of hard knocks. Yes, And he is the creator of the next 90 program, which I'm very excited to hear about it. Talk about Lee's and gentlemen, Nick Lowe. Thank you, Craig. Thank you, Santa, for having me here, man. It's an honor. spk_2:   1:56 Thanks for coming on. I So I can vouch for the sea, Uh, the degree from hard knocks because we met at a dinner and it was a cool environment where they're supposed to be a lot bigger than it was and turned out to just be five people. So what we did was each person just took time and, like, just told their story where they came from, how they got to where they are now. And Nick hearing your story of just the bounce back of the highs and lows and highs and lows was so inspiring. So that's why spk_0:   2:29 Wow, that was great. I was telling Craig in the lobby that, you know, you go to those things, and obviously that room was much bigger than thin. What were expected or what we we anticipated. But I went home and told my wife I said that was probably one of the most refreshing experiences I've had it a corporate meet up or get together Networking event, whatever you wanna call us, because we just got time for everybody to talk and get to know each other, like on a real level. Yeah, you know, not that surface level. Hey, what do you do? Are you from type of thing? But, like, who are you? You know, And that's a question that drives me. And I often asked My coaching clients is like, Who are you? You know, So that was cool. And I resonated with your story. It was it was great. spk_2:   3:08 Oh, yeah, yeah, just that intimate environment to just really get to know each other. It just made the experience that much more, much more riel. Everybody just genuinely connect with each other. Just hear each other stories. And I think that's something like moving forward. Yeah, spk_0:   3:27 I think that that format was great. Plus, we got extra truffles on everything. Who doesn't love that? Exactly. That's a win win attack bonus. So, you know, You know, Nick, I was I wanted to start off with this. If someone were to to do some research about noon long on the Internet, they may find out some stories about how successful you are in the business world. Being a CEO, entrepreneur, starting businesses, very successful businesses. They're going to find out about your next 90 program and so on. And I think a lot of times we often see the destination. And we often don't necessarily, Unless someone is specifically for you. Maybe heard you speak about the journey. So much value in that journey. Can we start off by talking about your personal professional journey where that started? Yeah. How far you get your back? You got your backpack? I'm ready. I'm going down to the bathroom. I don't know. There's a time limit. So, um Ah, start when I but first I saw my dad and my my father. My dad is my father. When I saw my father, my uncle and my grandfather, they were all in the same industry. In fact, it was they were. I was fifth generation in that industry were there in the grocery industry, and they all did very well. Very, very well, um, but only later in life, you know. So I saw them grind. They were gone all the time on Lee to retire, you know, and then enjoy, like, the fruits of their labor. And I was like, God, this equation just doesn't add up to me. But I kind of went down that same path and I started working at one of the company's My uncle was a CEO. I became one of the youngest sales executives, and I was just watching these people in these cubicles, and I was like, Man, these are like little mini prison cells, you know? And And I was in school. I was working full time, was going to school full time, and I was running and managing. Ah, valet company. You know, I always had this kind of hustle and drive. And so at 2021 I'm I'm making over six figures, but I'm like working myself to the to the bone. And so I started just thinking differently. Like I just started looking at things and questioning, like instead of for why, like, Why not? Why couldn't Why couldn't I do something different than my dad did? What, going to do Something different than my uncle did. My grandfather and ah, as as fate would have it, I met a gentleman through the valet company and he said, Is that what you do? And I said, I said, Well, this is not not aspiring to be a valet, Parker for the rest of my life for a manager, I said, I work for a company that we, uh, help new and existing manufacturers get distribution at that grocery and retail outlet egos all you got to meet my friend Fleming Fleming was a guy from Denmark, and, ah, he had a lightbulb company was young man whose I was 21 at the time. So Fleming was probably 24 25 he was selling these energy efficient lightbulbs, right? I didn't really know much about him, but what I did know was this guy was a hustler because it within his first year he sold over a 1,000,000 light bulbs and and this is back when the energy thing was just starting to become like a front of the mind, you know, conversation. So I was attracted to his charisma, is attracted to the fact that he had his own, um, company. And so I said, Look, I need another opportunity like I need a hole in the head But let me take this with me and I'll ask around. So while I was doing my day job and I was, you know, come to see Craig to sell him whatever widget I had it, I would put that on the table and they be like, What's What's that? I was like, Oh, this is these energy official light bulb. You heard of them? They're like, Yeah, but God, they're so expensive, you know? Ah, well, when Nick can ever get him for the right price And I said, Well, what price do you need? Let them tell me. Right? And so they told me the price that they needed to buy them. And I'm looking at my cost sheet and I'm like Jesus. That's like 400% profit. Let me see what I can do. So anyway, go back. Told Fleming like a These guys want to buy this at this price is like, Are you out of your mind? That's crazy. That's three times for whatever. We sold it for it the highest. So we ended up doing a deal, and that deal netted about 100 and 50 grand like Boom. So within 30 days, like I had made more money, then I had working to two jobs, you know, going to school. And probably more than half the people, maybe 80% of the people in my company, like the light bulb, no pun intended, literally, literally went off. And I was like, All right, so I told Fleming I was like, Look, give me this 150 grand. Don't Don't give it to me like personally, so I can go spend it. But let me take this and build something. I will quit school. I will quit this job. I will walk away from everything cause, like this is it. If we did this in 30 days, imagine what we could do in 30 years, you know, and he said, Go for it And we did. And, um, that ended up turning into a company that was doing about 10 to 12 year. Um, we raised 3.5 $1,000,000 of capital at the ripe age of 22. We opened up a production facility in Vietnam where we're manufacturing 15,000 light bulbs. Today we had offices in Denmark, Spain, the U K Mexico and the U. S. Right. And so I'm the third largest shareholder of this company, and ah, on paper, 24 years old. I'm I'm worth a few 1,000,000 bucks. And I was like, Yes, I have arrived. I have seen the light. And so, uh, everything was was going great, right? Everything was going great. Well, ultimately what happened is we got we talk about, you know, going in, trying to grow the company too fast. And that's ultimately what happened. We started acquiring other businesses, and all of our working capital just started toe to dry up. And as we got bigger, we needed more cash. So we went to the investors and they were like they were tapped. They're like, we're not gonna put in more cash even though you know we could see the formative future and we got the stalemate because nobody wanted to sell their shares to bring in more cash. Nobody wanted to put it in their own cash. And so we're just kind of stuck. So Fleming, basically kind of, you know, made them an offer they couldn't refuse. He's like, Look, I'll let you guys all walk, acquire 100% of the debt, but I'm also acquiring 100% of the company. And so there I was four years later, after being a millionaire on paper and and kind of like thinking by the time I was 30 like I was going to be done. Now I'm $100,000 in debt because I had borrowed some money to buy more shares of the of the business. I've got no college education, and I walked away from, you know, a potential career, and so is depressing. I ended up getting a job making $10 an hour under the table at Ze Pizza in Seal Beach, California and I was telling Asante I would play what I call Bill roulette, right and, ah, it was a game for me because I had to do something. So I didn't, like, you know, want to put a bullet in my head where I have all my bills. And I put him out on the table and I would just wait. I would wait till whatever thing got shut off or shut down. You know, like the lights. Okay, cool. That that's the one. And I called them and I negotiate, you know, 50 bucks, 60 whatever I could give them to get, get him turned back on for however much time, period. And then I would pay that. Then I would wait for the next week for the next and, ah, I was just barely barely making it. And finally, I had to just, you know, kind of throw in the towel and move in with my twin sister. And that was like, depressing, you know, now 25 going on 26. My sister's killing it in the mortgage business. She's my twin, you know, And I'm like, I'm grossly in debt with no opportunity. But like, I started thinking, I'm like, You know what? I did it once. I can do it again. I just need to find the right opportunity because they could take everything from me. But they couldn't take that skill set that couldn't take those four years of traveling the world and sitting down with I mean companies like Home Depot and an Albertsons and big, big institutional type stuff. They couldn't take my experience from starting a business in another country. I mean, so I knew that I had an asset, but I was looking for an ally, and, um, finally I stumbled upon ah, guy who had a marketing company in the mortgage industry. And he said, Dude, you're what we're looking for. And I said, All right, yeah, What are you looking for? I'm it. And he said, We need someone to help us grow this business So I came in. He may be the VP of sales, making very little money, but a lot of upside and I just went to work, and we grew that business from 100,000 month to 1/2 a 1,000,000 a month in six months, and most of my comp was based on commission. So you can imagine I added $400,000 of top line revenue to the business in six months Like my commission checks started getting pretty big. And he said, Hey, man, what if I made you a partner? I'll put you on a guaranteed salary and I'll give you 25% of the company. I'm like, Yeah, I've already seen how this works. Like, I know that equity is gonna be a lot more than just kidding, you know? Ah, paycheck. So he did. And we did, and we we went on. Ah. Problem was with him is that he was young as well, and and, ah wasn't emotionally mature enough to handle the type of money that was coming in. And so he end up getting heavily addicted to prescription pain pills. And it was very, very sad. Thio watch. Ah, good. Good friend. Good guy. That just started doing things that just weren't in alignment with who I was and where I wanted to go. So there I found myself again at a crossroads of making a decision. And I said, You know what? I could do this, and I could do it better and faster, more ethically than this guy can. And I didn't steal any other clients. I just pivoted and I Ah, I started out very small. Start out with four or five people were selling mortgage marketing right in 2006. 2007. So I started Ah, mortgage marketing business in 2000 and seven and it was great for about six months. I literally I would call a Santa Who's my customer who just spent 20 grand the week before and it's, like, out of business. Go buy The place was boarded up. I mean, that fast that fast And I was like, Damn it. Well, maybe I'm not meant to be an entrepreneur, and I'm like, No, I'd like I know this is my path. Like I tasted it. I cannot like I cannot untested. And, um so is that all right? In any economy, like, people are making money down economy, people making money up economy more people are making money, but money's never disappearing, just merely shifting, right, transitioning hands. So I said what would thrive in a down economy, So we started doing like that settlement, low modification discount healthcare. You know, all the stuff that would work in a down economy, and we stumbled upon this little niche called auto warranty but didn't even know about it. To where? Most people by their out of warranty, if you know when they're buying the vehicle. But there's this whole other world. Once that warranty is out of manufacturer warranty, you can actually buy an extended warranty. So we started marketing for that and it blew up. We went from 18 people to 500 people in in about 18 months. We went from, I don't know, three or four million a year in business to 40 million in 18 months. Wow, it was insane. That is crazy. Absolutely insane. And, um, So there I found myself kind of almost in the same position. Is that other man where the money came so fast and so abundantly? And I'm 28 years old, you know, at the time, So I went from ah, 100,000. Well, I went from, you know, I'm gonna have this 30 year career path and retire at 65 you know, with the pension and all the bullshit that comes along with that, too. I went to being a multi $1,000,000 millionaire on paper, $200,000 broke at a pizza place to now a multi millionaire from