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Building a Winning Foundation w/ Mindset Coach & Former Pro Tennis Player, Danielle Mills

There are many examples in sports where less athletic athletes became elite, and physically gifted athletes failed to succeed. Athletes have learned that professional success goes beyond just training and talent. Developing a powerful mindset is crucial to living a better life, achieving your personal and professional goals and beating your next "opponent".  This week, we had the honor to speak with former professional tennis player, mindset mentor and founder of Headstrong LLC, Danielle. Mills. Danielle shares her tennis journey from the age of three to training at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida to turning professional.  She also talks about injury, retiring from the sport she loves and going through transition. All while tapping into the mental skillset she developed as a professional athlete. In this episode, Danielle also provides a ton of impactful information & actionable tips to help us develop our "game ready" routine and how to identify and develop our winning skillset.  You can find out more about Headstrong and Danielle on Instagram @headstrongllc and @daniela_boricua

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