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Journey of a Thousand Miles w/ Financial Advisor & Brand Expert, Richard Spencer

Updated: May 27, 2019

Did you know that the difference between an investment and an expense not only has to do with money, but has even more to do with your life? Are you doing things both personally and professionally that are investment, meaning they are providing you with some type of return?

This week, we bring back one of our favorite guests, Financial Advisor and Brand Expert, Richard Spencer. Richard talks about the investing in yourself, building your brand and trusting the process & more. He also shares some great life changing moments that put him on the path to changing many lives. 

In addition, we also talk about his recent stardom on the Netflix Series, All-American and the secrets behind building your brand and connecting with anyone via social media. 

 Our last episode with Richard has been one of our most popular and this episode may be the only case where the sequel is better than the original!

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