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Making This Year, Your Best Year: Technical Difficulties, Push Up Challenges and Sports Chatter.

Did you ever think that 2020, yes this year, could be your best year yet? We at The White Tiger Podcast believe that it can be and that it all comes down to perspective, awareness and action. 

Another social distancing episode is here and this week we still have plenty to talk about, especially with all of this corona craziness going on right now.

In this episode, we talk about how we are all being forced outside of our comfort zones and what that could mean for us when this whole corona thing passes. We also talk about “uncertainty” and why that may be the primary thing that most people are afraid of right now. 

In time of crisis, especially here in the U.S., people often turn to the world of sports to provide comfort, entertainment, and a distraction from the fear . Asante and Craig talk about why this current crisis in unlike any other that we have seen and how the lack of sports is making a difficult situation much more difficult for many. 

We also dive in to NFL Agency, Tom Brady’s potential impact on the Tampa Bay Bucs and can the patriots survive without him ?

We also want to know what the heck you football fans truly think about the new Rams logo, we provide our thoughts and why at least some LA fans are already lighting torches and storming the gates at the new SOFI STADIUM. 

All of this and more…on this new episode of The White Tiger Podcast.  Thank you for also making us the #1 source for what's not going on in the world of sports !

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