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Off & Running w/ 4X Olympian & Gold Medalist, Lauryn Williams

This week we had the unbelievable honor to speak with Lauryn Williams, a 4X Olympian, Gold Medalist, Author, Podcaster, Motivational Speaker and Financial Planner to name a few !

Lauryn shared some great insight on her life’s journey, which was rooted in pursuit of getting a great education and later developed to Olympic size proportions. 

Over a period of twelve years, Lauryn completed at the elite level in two Olympic sports. Lauryn secured a spot on four US Olympic teams earning one gold and two silver medals. 

She is also the first American woman to earn medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. 

Lauryn also runs her own financial planning company, @worthwinnnig, helping young professionals, as well as, athletes, organize and optimize their finances. 

Follow Lauryn Williams on Social: @lauryncwilliams on Instargram @worthwinning on Instagram The Worth Listening Podcast @ Follow The White Tiger Podcast on Social: 




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