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Running Your Route w/ Retired NFL Tight End, Jake McGee

Starting a new personal or professional journey comes with learning from your past, appreciating your present and maintaining a positive attitude for the future. 

We all can share stories where life presented us with situations that we never expected or that we were unable to prepare for. We find that during these times, it’s what we’ve learned, who we are and our attitude that often dictates how quickly we rebound and move forward. 

This week, we had the honor to speak with former NFL Tight End, Jake McGee.  Jake shares his personal journey from playing football at the University of Virginia to sustaining a potential career ending injury after transferring to the University of Florida. 

Jake talks about rebounding from injury, the power of having a positive attitude and why it is so important to say yes to opportunity. He also talks about his current role with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and how he is helping current and former players prepare for life during and after football. 

He also shares a personal story about Asante and a photo booth that is a must hear. All this and more on this weeks episode.

You can find out more about Jake on Instagram @jakemcgee and the NFLPA @nflpa 

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Cooking Charles
Cooking Charles
Oct 05, 2021

This is a greeat post

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