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Sports Light During the Sports Darkness: Your #1 Source for What's Not Going on in Sports.

What up Guys? Welcome to our first new format sports episode! We can’t wait to dive into everything that is happening in the world of sports right now and……..wait a minute, nothing is happening in the world of sports right now. The sports world is at a complete standstill because of the ongoing corona pandemic.

Well since we are always up for challenge, we still are going to provide some sports light during the sports darkness.

In this episode, we talk bout how one man literally shut down all sports in pretty much every league in just one night. We also talk about what this means going forward and if we will still see an NBA, NHL or MLB season this year. We also debate on why athletes and celebrities who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and are still using social media, is a good sign.

We also heard that despite the sports shutdown, Houston Astros players are currently being beaned by AI on all gaming consoles across the country.  Craig also stands strong on why college athletes should also be getting another year of eligibility asa result of the shutdown. 

BTW, Let’s all not forget that this may be the last time we see Vince Carter in the NBA.

Shout out Vince. 

We are proud to be your #1 source for what’s not going on.

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Full Episode Transcript:

spk_0:   0:21 What's up? What is up? What is going on? Everybody out there in podcast land. I am your co host here at the White Tiger podcast Craig Castellitto. And I'm with this guy spk_1:   0:29 Cleveland, and we're here talking about sports and everything that's happening in sports right now and what spk_0:   0:36 nothing's happening in sports, right? So we decide to double down our efforts and create more episodes of the White Tiger podcast, one specifically on sports. And guess what? There's no sports. spk_1:   0:46 There's no sports to talk about. spk_0:   0:48 Literally World of sports have been shut down by one man has been shut down by one man. Literally, if you think about it, Right? spk_1:   0:55 Yeah, that prompt. Because they were really they're willing to go forward with, always play without fans, which I thought that was like a terrible idea how exciting that would have been. But spk_0:   1:05 you know what, though? Now that it's everything's canceled, I'm starting to think of it. Actually, actually a pretty good idea. spk_1:   1:10 Oh, just cancel it. spk_0:   1:11 Well, no, no. Just to play without fans. You know why? Because at least the games will be there spk_1:   1:15 to watch, you know? No, that would be as a player. That's just like right? What spk_0:   1:24 would you rather listening when you rather be playing and getting paid spk_1:   1:27 true? Well, I wonder what they're going to do in terms of, like the pain, because I think this is uncharted territory for owners. The commissioner. So I think they're so figuring that out, the XFL shut down. But they report that they're still gonna pay out all the players, Which is good to hear. spk_0:   1:44 Yeah, well, maybe that's why they take out the big insurance policies for situations like this. Yeah, you know is like that, you know, like earthquake insurance or whatever. So, needless to say, the world of sports has been shut down most recently, So it all started. I think that the domino that fell from the stuff getting shut down was I notice that the tournament I was gonna play without fans, and that's kind of really where it started. And then shortly thereafter, I think the NBA regal bearer from the Utah Jazz literally shut down every league. Uh, being being it was they shut that he they're playing Oklahoma City, right? And they shut down the game right before tip off. And they determined that he had Corona virus. He was. He was diagnosed with coronavirus, literally shut down. Once that Domino fell, every single sport that even remotely close to a sport has canceled to the point where my son's little League is canceled and they canceled my son's little league. And that's a whole another story. But but anyway, um, from from a large level MBA shut down NHL a shut down major league baseball's delaying its season, they're talking maybe about the NFL. Some of the NFL events, I think, leading up to the NFL season or being either alter or postponed. Correct. Um, the Masters Tournament postponed. Uh, I think, until they figure out what's going on, I think that's the really The key here is that I don't think anyone knows what the hell is going on, and I think so many people have a lot of information, but they have no information if that makes any sense, but not necessarily in the world of sports. I'm very, very heartbroken to not be able to watch sports because I feel like it's such a part of my life. Ah, and to either be involved or tow watch and Sante, I think I speak for you on this. Just not to be able to To have something to talk about and have something to watch is kind of kind of really sucks. Um but, you know, I think obviously, in the in the terms of safety, it is the right decision because these events are held and hold a lot of people. And it's a really good way or a bad way gets to spread the virus to a lot of people at one time. spk_1:   3:39 Yeah, this is that video of your ego bear touching all the microphones Now I was I read a poster, said that could also be the time, but he contracted it like who knows, If someone from the media had some sort of contagion, they put up the microphone, He touched it. Now he contracted it. I mean, who knows how it all happened? But because he caught it. The quarantine, The O, K, C Thunder, I think their quarantine, other teams that had played the jazz within the past six games. But yeah, everything has come to a standstill. I mean, spk_0:   4:18 you know what? So here is my personal gauge to determine whether or not thes players and the people that are getting the Corona virus are going to be okay if they're still well enough and feel good enough to post on social media specifically on Instagram. spk_1:   4:32 I don't think that's a good barometer. I spk_0:   4:34 don't think so. spk_1:   4:35 No, just because of their fingers. Still work. But they're good spk_0:   4:38 listening. Have you? I mean, you've been really sick, right? spk_1:   4:41 When I had one has find food. I didn't I don't think I texted anybody for four days. I was in my room with the lights, have spk_0:   4:48 the blue before, and between the chills, the sweats and all that stuff I didn't want The farthest thing from my mind was on the phone fire this thing spk_1:   4:55 from But also you got to imagine that Rudiger Baird, Tom Hanks. They also have PR people who are encouraging them. Like, who knows, if he even wrote a post like he could have had someone posted for him, so spk_0:   5:06 yeah, well, they could easily say Rudy understandably is out of commission for quite some time. He will not be posting on Instagram. Whatever. spk_1:   5:14 Yeah, Twitter. Just because he he said opposed. That means he's all right. spk_0:   5:19 All right, so I just agree to disagree. Agree to disagree. So, yeah, the real panic is is that for all the sport fans out there, there's literally nothing tow, watch their zero to watch. Um, I found out today that Major League Baseball the show 2020 came out for PlayStation four. So if you want to play some baseball came out today. But a time it airs is gonna be a couple of days later. But if you're if you're a gamer, may get lonesome sports for you. spk_1:   5:44 I saw a video of someone was playing against the Astros, and the picture was just being spk_0:   5:50 even a I knows the others were up to no good. I can't even fully I they know even they're even the opposing pictures in a video game or throwing at the extras. And you know what? Here's the thing. I think eventually, I think what's going to happen? I think these kits and stuff we just literally found out before we started started this podcast that President Trump ordered a national ah state of emergency, which is gonna be freeing up funds for a lot of these kids and stuff to get out to people the test and get further. It gets collect more information as faras, how fast and how much this is growing. But I'm I'm thinking, and you tell me what you think here. It's not that I'm thinking that after some time I think this is going to slow down a bit. I think we may be going to hear a little bit less about it. And then I think we're going back. Get back to business. spk_1:   6:34 I would hope so. But I think because of because of how many different people this is effects like throughout the sports industry, could you have imagined, like people actually work at the stadiums? Um, sports betting. Huge industry is now crippled for them, at least the next month. So I would like to say like things to go back to normal. But we're just in uncharted territory and, um, who knows? Who spk_0:   7:05 knows? I think you know. And here's the thing. I think it's a it's the unknown right When you feel powerless and you feel unknown, that's kind of really what fuels the fear. And I think for whether you're in sports or whether you don't like sports. Whatever the case, is. I think a lot of people are just worried because they don't know when it's going to end. You know, I think if someone has, like, Okay, bye. Gonna resume stuff, April 1st or May for whatever it is, then you kind of have an idea of, like, Okay, we need the weather this for 30 60 days, but people have no idea exactly what's going on. People don't really have any idea of what there is to be worried about what is actually happening. And I think that is really kind of why a lot of these leagues and stuff are shutting down. The different events are shutting down. I mean, literally everything. Sports related is pretty much done. spk_1:   7:47 Yeah, I I think that this is gonna go on much longer be just April 1st. Because what happens? If so? April 1st comes round and Brody, Go. Bayer and Donovan Mitchell are all clear. What happens if another player randomly test positive that he's contract Corona virus past April 1st? Like revenge? That lead back down? spk_0:   8:08 No. You? No. You know what I've heard that said on a couple of different media. Alex, they talked about that and and I think about it this way. Like, you know what it's a matter of like if you're dealing with any other contagious disease, like, how would you handle that? Like, how would you handle it? Like because it could go on and on and on and on and on and on for that. If that's the case, if they're gonna treat it like if they're gonna get a very sensitive about it, then they're just gonna want cancel the seasons you did. None of the season's gonna get played. spk_1:   8:34 That's what I think is gonna happen. I think seasons, we're done for you. spk_0:   8:37 And and unfortunately, I do not want to believe that I want to disagree with you wholeheartedly, But I can't because I feel like it's going in that direction. But I'm I'm Here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking they're going to see what happens with Donovan really great. And they're gonna they're gonna find out like what's happened with them and other people have contracted the virus and see, like, Okay, this is how this thing plays out. And this is how long they're contagious for, and this is someone. So when they gonna develop some type of information. They can do a lot of evidence, fact finding, collecting information. And then these leagues will convene with they're professionals, and then we'll make a determination of what to do from that point. But to be honest with you, the way things are panning out this way, I don't see these leaks coming back anytime soon if they come back. And you know another thing, too, that you have to factor in. Is there so late? Special. Like the NHL, they start before the MBA. It's there so late in their league there, couple three weeks away, thing from the playoffs. So I think the NHL is gonna really do their damnedest to get back and award to Stanley Cup to someone. That's a really big deal for that for that league, more so than any other league out there, including the NFL from. But I just don't know if they're gonna be able to do that. So it'll be interesting to see. I just don't really know exactly how it's gonna pan out. spk_1:   9:51 Yeah, I personally feel for the college kids that March madness got shut down because think about life. It's somebody's senior season, maybe they've never made the tournament. They finally got an opportunity to play in the tournament and then spk_0:   10:07 yeah, yeah, you know what? The thing, too, is I think a lot of people looking for answers that they just can't get just yet, right? It's like they don't did not enough information to know that if any of this stuff is gonna happen, right so we can just make us all these are just assumptions, right? We're just assuming, based on the limited information that we have now that these things are gonna happen. One thing I do want to add to what Asante saying about the college stuff is that they absolutely should give them. I think, another year of eligibility. I think they should do that because you know what? I think it's important. I think for them to really kind of get a full year on, they find ways for guys to get this eligibility to that. There's no reason why they shouldn't give it to these guys that they should put that on the table for them. If they want. This is it would be really crappy way for them to end their career or have an impact them getting to next spk_1:   10:51 level. Well, for the guys that are going on to the next level, the decision's been they've already laid down a body of work that I don't think these next week would be too much of a deciding factor on whether they made it to lead or not. But just being able to come out champion play in the biggest stage in college basketball. That's just, uh, I don't think that could be replicated, even if I don't think that's something that they would give them another year of eligibility based off one month that they're missing out on, spk_0:   11:27 Well, it may not be one month. I mean, yeah, I get it. That's all that's left in their season, and that's when they have the tournament. They're missing out on that. I mean, and we're just talking basketball, right? So But, you know, across the board, I mean, typically, they're not going to say we're gonna do this for just basketball, not do it for spk_1:   11:42 others point what if and when they're affected? Your college football season's over, but I'm sure there'd be a line out the door of seniors, spk_0:   11:53 especially college football, and let me tell you there's a lot of programs that wish they had happens if their season gets impacted, right? So if if their practices I'm sure who knows? I don't even know. And I don't even think it's right to actually to say anything at this point that we have more information and we will bring more of that information to you because, you know, obviously, if you've been listening to our episodes in this last week or so, we're tripling. Our efforts were dead. We're gonna be talking a lot more about sports, and we want to be a really good reliable on a straight shooting podcast. When it comes to the information you're hearing, a lot of times you get you know, we have Asante here who's who's been down the road before so he can give us some personal insight, and we can hopefully give you a just a straight shooter approach on what's happening in reference to the world of sports, as opposed to maybe some of the craziness that you hear. spk_1:   12:39 Yeah, well, in reference to football, I bred that us is made just be USC by maybe other football programs will start doing this as well. But I think spring balls canceled is you really think it's basically like I will see you at camp. So I mean, spk_0:   12:56 it's that was you and you knew that that was happening with how excited would you be spk_1:   12:59 juiced deaf Springbok? Find a pair of shoes to be ableto kind of relax, no blacks, but not have to do spring ball, which is essentially just another season unnecessarily spk_0:   13:15 when you go to school in Miami and it's like to the humidity is 200 degrees spk_1:   13:20 in October. So I know I know a lot of cooked college football players are very excited. Bad. They're just chilling until camp. Maybe they have a spring of summer workouts coming up. That's the next big thing. But the fact that spring ball may be cancelled is spk_0:   13:34 music players. It's exciting. It's exciting. Well, I listen as a fan, I'm not excited that the baseball season gonna get pushed back two weeks. Ah, and maybe even further football season. I don't know yet. Hockey season is essentially over basketball season. It appears it's essentially over march. It's literally This was like the perfect storm of sports and what I mean by that is like the March Madness, the tournament that the college conference tournaments the start of baseball. NHL playoffs, eh? NBA playoffs. Everything is happening at one time. It's like a really, really, really good time to be a sports fan because you have more sports and you know what to do with. And it's just it happens at this damn Corona virus. Just had this crew everything them thing up for sports fans. But, like I'm joking. But on a serious note, obviously, guys, take care of yourself. Take care of, um three. Healthy, uh, just be used. Common sense. Fill yourself with a good, positive energy and positive information, and we're going to bring you as much good sports as we can for whatever we could find out there. spk_1:   14:35 Yeah, I mean, I guess we'll have to start talking about the sports spk_0:   14:38 for that. Like EA Sports, we can talk about like stuff. I think in other countries they're canceling sports and then the Olympics, they're gonna be affected, I assume, right? spk_1:   14:47 Yeah, kids that's coming up in the summer. spk_0:   14:48 Yeah, So there's a lot of stuff to talk about about stuff that is not happening. There's a lot of not sports happening. Park. Yeah, Coming to you spk_1:   14:57 For all the sports not happening, we will be your number one source to tell you what's not going spk_0:   15:02 to tell you what's not going on. And again, you know what? And the reason why we would suggest that you listen to us is because if you go to these major sports platforms or media outlets or whatever, it is a lot of fear stuff going on. And then you get nervous just watching this stuff. It's like, you know, we're not gonna do that here. We don't want to do that. You were just gonna give you the fax? That's it. spk_1:   15:24 Not a damn thing's happening right now. spk_0:   15:25 Yeah, not no one knows nothing. Uh, everyone's afraid of with it. Not exactly sure what, But what they do know is that I need to stock up on toilet paper paper towels. And I've just heard that California is gonna be on lock down. So spk_1:   15:38 we'll see about that. spk_0:   15:40 Doesn't mean we're not podcasting, podcasting and podcasting and more podcasting. We will d'oh and ah, yeah, Anything else we could talk about anything else sports related that came up that you think would be important for us to share? spk_1:   15:52 Oh well, just the heartbreaker to see that Vince Carter may have played his last n BA game. That was. That sucks. Listen, to spk_0:   16:03 be honest with Vince, Carter was still in the MBA. He's been playing for George's. Accused's amazing. Amazing. He's played literally everywhere. spk_1:   16:12 Yes, everywhere. So hell of a career of insanity. Half man, half amazing. He's provided us countless highlights. That 2000 in one dunk contest was just one of the best ever presented spk_0:   16:28 with Olympics, Right? You couldn't jump over that alone. I mean, that that could never gets old, never gets old. So you shot out the Vince Carter. He'll be back. If you survived 44 decades playing basketball, he's gonna He'll be back. He'll be back. They'll son to a one day contract or whatever it is when we contract will play a couple games and spk_1:   16:50 let me get a couple with the Raptors again. Yeah, go out. You spk_0:   16:53 know how it works. Come on. They do that. Also, uh, some information on NFL one. We just talked about the NFL real quick. Tom Brady, still undecided where he's gonna be going do not think it's gonna be the Dallas Cowboys. I think he's going to stay with the Patriots. We talked about this recently in a pre recorded episode that we had to scrap, and I want to bring it up for this episode real quick. Tom Brady's going nowhere. He's gonna be in in New England or he's going to retire and make a lot of money doing something else. I don't seem going to another team. It just doesn't make sense. It just doesn't make sense. spk_1:   17:24 It doesn't make sense. I hope he doesn't go to another team. I hope you stays a patriot. I hope he just out. They never touched his locker. He the man who earned it. He is just When you think of New England Patriots, think of Comrade spk_0:   17:39 True. Very show end also. Ah, no contract for Deck Prescott. Yet from Dallas Cowboys. I'm anticipating he's going to get a contract. I would like to see that. I hope they do not franchise tag him. You know it again. Maybe all of this. Now, with stuff going on with Corona, it's not. It may be a non issue, but I think what's going to happen is that at some point in the near future, they're going to franchise tag him, which will be terrible. Um, do I think he's worth the money that he wants? Um, I don't necessarily think so. No, he definitely thinks he does. And he did play well, well over his rookie contractor. The man deserves to get paid, not necessarily sure if it's the money that they're talking about. But again, you don't know what's happening. And you know one Media Outlets says, you know, they threw a contract for 33 million, which he denied, and another says this and who knows what the belief, Just like just like the corner fires we don't even know. We know nothing. We know nothing. All I know is a Cowboys fan. I'd like to see Doc back and yeah, and listen, if I heard free agents like Teddy Bridgewater maybe is an option, there's options out there spk_1:   18:42 is options in the draft, too. I mean, how much different is Jalen hurts? spk_0:   18:47 Yeah, but here's the thing. Do you really want you've already invested time and effort into a quarterback into your system? You're gonna take a couple of steps back and then start a new era. spk_1:   18:57 There's a brand new system coming in. There's new office. There's new coach. So there's a fresh system. So you could effectively bring in a fresh new quarterback who doesn't know anything. Mold him into exactly what you want. And by bang badda boom. spk_0:   19:09 Yeah, I disagree with that, but well, I do want to say, though, is one thing I do like about Dac is the intangible stuff that he brings the field because he does bring a lot of leadership skills and really good intangible stuff that hurts. Yeah, I guess so. But again, Dallas is gonna go after a guy rugs or they're gonna go after somebody they're gonna go after. They need to sign a Morey back, and that's a whole nother conversation. But they they're gonna go after they're gonna make a splash knowing Jerry Jones here. You made it public. He's gonna make a splash in the draft. They will be doing something. I don't know what yet. spk_1:   19:41 Yeah, Dad, go get your mind. It is much money. As anyone's willing to pay you go for it, whether it's with the cowboys and not go get that bread Yeah, but spk_0:   19:50 anyway, we could help let us spk_1:   19:51 now. But for the guy I'll say, I think it might make more sense to make my Cooper priority sign. Someone like Jalen Hurts coming out of the draft, who has displayed a lot of leadership from winning national championship Alabama and going Oklahoma and then taking them to the next level nine from Mexico, but just really showing now in shining there, he's display a lot of arm strength, lot of leadership, Uh, run the bowl and he's gonna cost you a lot less than Dak Prescott. spk_0:   20:21 True, True. Who knows? Who knows? Sign Dak Prescott. Don't not franchise. And please don't do it to the guy. Also, to some news, I just want to finish up. Finish off on This is probably not gonna apply to anyone else in the country other than people out here in California. But the L. A. Rams unveiled their new logo. Wishes. Absolutely. Trash certified. 10%. 10. What? What is what is rotten Tomatoes certified like if it's certain sense certified. Definitely not Certify fresh. It's It's really, really bad. Yeah, it's rotten at its terrible. It looks like the charges logo. Well, So that's all we have for you this week. Thank you so much for tuning into the White Tiger podcast. Yes, we're tripling our efforts state to next week. We'll have three episodes for you guys. Let us know what you think sent us a d m. Over Instagram. Send us on email. Send us a care package. Toilet paper, paper towels, whatever. Just send us something because we'd like to know how we're doing. Also, to check out our YouTube channel. Think it finds just search the white Tiger podcast. It's ah, It's a slow process, but we'd love to have you on. Please subscribe. spk_1:   21:25 Well, speaking of YouTube, please comment below on where you think Tom Brady is gonna end up going and common blow. How much you think back Prescott is really worth? spk_0:   21:35 Yes. Come in below. And, uh, anything else they can comment on? No, that's it. That's all I got. So we'll see you next time. Peace. Peace. Hey, what is up, guys? Thank you so much for listening to this week's episode of the White Tiger podcast. Please don't forget to rate review and subscribe The podcast on all your favorite podcast platforms. Also hit us up on social media. You could find us at the White Tiger podcast on Instagram and Facebook. And don't forget to check out our YouTube channel. You will find video versions of these podcasts there in addition to some bonus content and some added extras. And while you're there, don't forget to subscribe. Thank you guys for all your support and we'll catch you next time.

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