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High on Happiness w/ Ricky Miller III, Entrepreneur & CEO of Carbonadi Vodka

(Photo from The Hustle)

This week, we have the honor to bring back, Ricky Miller III, one of our favorite guests here at the White Tiger Podcast. He is not only the CEO of Carbonadi Vodka, but one of the most abundant people we know and love. 

In this episode, Ricky shares exclusive insight on where he is with Carbonadi, what it takes to connect with the leaders in your professional space, why it’s so important to have thick skin.

Ricky also talks about his meeting & connection with rapper, songwriter & actor, Ja Rule & how crazy things often happen in the most craziest of places. 

We also chat about showing up, putting out good energy and we finish off with some life changing, mind-shifting and motivating advice that will not only get you ready to start your dream journey & crush your goals but it will leave you wanting more ! You can follow Carbonadi Vodka at & Ricky Miller at @rickymillerthethird on Instagram.  

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