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The Inward Journey with Cyrus Mohseni, CEO, Philanthropist & Former Pro Soccer Player

It’s never too early or too late to go after your dreams, to crush your goals and go after what your passion is.  Sometimes life presents you circumstances beyond your control that require you to make choices and decisions that will dictate that path you walk in life.  Cyrus Mohseni, CEO of the Keystone Team, Philanthropist & Former Professional Soccer Player tells an impactful story about navigating challenge, making life changing decisions and pursuing your dreams. 

Cyrus talks about his path to becoming a professional soccer player, a motor vehicle accident that changed his life and how he transitioned from professional sports to becoming a multi-million-dollar realtor and CEO. 

Cyrus also chats about starting his non-profit organization, Giving Football, which provides professional mentorship, training and soccer gear to orphanages around the world. 

This week learn about the power of manifestation & structure, why it’s just about getting a little better every day and the three steps that will allow you to always accomplish whatever you want. 

Hear this and more in this week’s episode with CEO, Athlete and Philanthropist, Cyrus Mohseni. Instagram:

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