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Thinking Macro w/ New England Patriots Tackle & Entrepreneur, Marshall Newhouse

During times of difficulty and uncertainty it is always important to remember that you have a choice. A choice to rise, to show out, to move forward and to lead.

In this episode, we had the honor to sit down with New England Patriots Tackle, Marshall Newhouse. Marshall talks about importance of rising above the noise and managing yourself through high pressured situations, whether on the field, in your business or in life.

Marshall also shares some great stories about his 10 year NFL journey, adjusting to the "patriots way" and what's its like to protect Tom Brady. We also dive into the importance of effective and meaningful communication and how that can help you get ahead.

Want to know the key to continuous growth?.  Well part of it is being a lifetime learner and Marshall shares how that perspective has paid major dividends in his football and entrepreneurial careers.

Hey also shares an empowering story about the stress that comes with being a professional athlete and how he personally manages the anxiety that comes with playing in the NFL.

Listen to this EMPOWERING conversation right HERE!

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Full Episode Transcript

Hey, guys, want to jump on here real quick and check in on each and every single one of you? Hopefully, you and your families are doing well. You're staying safe, you're healthy and you're braving this crazy storm that we're currently going through. Guys stay positive. This too, shall pass. We also want to thank you guys for tuning in to this podcast, especially now. And we feel like our duty here at the White Tiger podcast is to pass on some really good positive vibes and some positive information, especially during a time when a lot of the information that's out there is negative. So hopefully you guys were liking it. Hopefully, you guys air liking our new format. And this week, unfortunately, this is our last Super Bowl Week episode. Yes, it's our last episode from Super Bowl week, and I got to say it's probably one of our most enjoyable episodes. We had the opportunity to sit down with offensive tackle Marshall Newhouse from New England Patriots, and Marshall's shared a ton of information about his upbringing, his life in football, and not just happen his life as an entrepreneur and there's just so many things that we covered some of the things that most people would never know about professional athletes and about Marshall in particular. But some really, really good stuff. We just enjoyed our time with Marshall. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this conversation as much as we had sitting down and actually recording it. So guys enjoy this week's episode with the one and only Marshall Newhouse. Hello, hello. Once again, we are coming to you Live from Hollywood, spk_1:   1:37 Florida We're here for a podcast. Rome It's right before the big game on Sunday. I'm here with the host and the Net killer, Craig Castle Leto spk_0:   1:47 brand spanking new title and I'm very happy to have it. But thank you. Assaulted on. spk_1:   1:52 And we are joined today by 10 year NFL vet and entrepreneur Marshall Newhouse. Marshall. Thanks for coming. So what's that? Hello. Appreciate you guys having me. Marshall is a part of the best team in football. Hands down the New England Patriots, Right? So, as its 10 year guy, what was it like coming to the patriot after being around other organization? Yeah, it was a little bit of a whirlwind both and how I joined and also just suggesting to the culture and the changes that they things that are different there than other places. So I got signed. We, too. I was in off season with the Saints, got injury, settled and was coming off injury and came in to work out and got signed, really got signed on the Wednesday end up starting at tackle on a Sunday, and you talk about getting just everything thrown in your face. That was as drastic as it gets. The New England Patriots offense thrown in your face, protecting Tom Brady all in four days and traveling no less down here in Miami to play. So on top of that, the culture was it was a little bit of a shift, just cause it's different in other places. But it wasn't as much of, ah, an adjustment for me because, you know, I grew up in a very disciplined households, allow that stuff was, you know, wasn't that far from how I was raised as faras accountability and just doing, being we're supposed to be doing we're supposed to do, which seems like a novel concept. A lot of teams just don't have that structure built in, but that's just how the Patriots are the high standard. There's high demand for everybody, from Tom Brady to the guy, the new guy like me. So I just did my best to humble myself and just bought in and wind up having a successful season. Despite not being here for Super Bowl. I played in New England and 2015 and when I got there, the first thing I realized, Oh, they just work harder than everybody. It really is, like, pure and simple, consistent, hard work and not a lot of shortcuts. Zero show cuts and very few We call the players, call Bones. You know, Coach will throw you a bone if it later in the season. Our guys are banged up. Not a lot of bones being thrown, so I just There's a standard and we stick to it. Are you still running the hills on Tuesday? Yeah. Coach calls it, you know, call it the bank. You invest the money in the bank, you put your deposits so you could take out on Sunday. So we most, most weeks we're running hills. Um, that was a shock to the system. Just cause I'm I'm there. My brain spin in my body's getting adjusted to, you know, Scar. Who's Dante? Scarnecchia? Bizarro like coaches. Dr Retired, who's got, you know, infamous individual periods. Just exhausting. Ah, technique and repetition periods for the offensive line, then going through team and just my brain's spinning like I'm saying and then gets into practice and guys kind of moving around waiting. I'm Bill to call us up, and, you know, I'm like, Are we done like, Hey, we're done Cool. And a guy goes in or not down and and he doesn't say anything. Just points. And there's a pillow. You hear, Bill? Little, a little put up on the on the whistle art head of the bank. We go to the bank, we run our runs, and then we're done. So that's one of those things where it's just how they do it. Conditioning is such a crucial part. The patient organization, you know, success the NFL overall. And that was just one of those things where you like. All right, this is what it is now. spk_0:   5:07 Yeah, why? I'm saying like cause spk_1:   5:09 you hear a lot of older veterans who played in a bunch of different teams and then go to New England football was not fun, but it's just you don't work that hard anywhere else. I I was on to other teams, and London was the only place where we ever conditioned during the season. Yeah, uh, you know, I think I think guys just misspeaking and I don't know if it's intentional. I don't think they truly mean that it's not fun because winning is fun. They're just not used to being catered to in that kind of way. Uh, they're used to being catered to in that way. And when you get there, there's just like all right, I don't care who you are. Um, we're going full pads this day. We're gonna do everything we can within the rules, But we're gonna hit, um, and we're gonna get you ready to perform and win on Sunday. There is no short cuts for it. There's just not and like you said, you know, in my 10th year and those guys who have joined it later on the career, that's a shock to the system because you're, you know, mentally you're still in it, you're you're competing, you want to do your best and perform on Sundays. But sure, you let off your foot off the gas a little bit in prep during the week, cause your body needs more time to heal. Nope. You're here. We're doing the same things that we've been doing to get you ready to play on Sunday. spk_0:   6:23 Yeah, it's amazing. We talked about the Patriots way and thistles. Why this team is so successful as coming into the organization. Do you Did you have an assumption of how things were gonna be? And it if you did, Did it live up to that Assumption spk_1:   6:35 II soon to be worse than it actually was? And so I was. It wasn't like, you know, all relieved. But I'm just like, Oh, this isn't This is there's nothing really that here that's reinventing the wheel. It's literally from ah ah, scouting to a personnel to, ah, detail preparation game planning to, ah, the strength, conditioning, all that stuff. It's just leaving no stone unturned. We there's no shortcuts. We do everything you know. They've been gotten more progressive in a lot of ways over the years, but there's still the underlying foundation is just a complete hard work grit ethic to it. So it to me when I was like Oh, that's it's just like, really, really, really hard work That's not foreign to me. I was raised a certain way. I've gotten this far in my career on that. So I'm like ours is an adjustment, how they want you to work and the ways in which they expect you to go about things. But it wasn't a big change for me. Other guys. It's a very big change, and then they're not always equipped or mentally ready, emotionally ready to handle. That's that's just the bottom one. spk_0:   7:35 You know, emotional. Glad you mentioned about how you were raised. Maybe you could just start by telling us, like just your background, your your football journey. Your family? spk_1:   7:42 Yeah. So, uh, raised by loving parents. I have an older brother. Both my parents have worked their whole lives. They bet in college, and my dad played college football on semi pro football. And so I start planning, like H five playing flag football. I split the years between flag football and select baseball, so I was just ah, sports kid and you know, we're always you know, I think my parents and my late grandmother for investing in time and me and the money into me because, I mean, we're traveling all year round. We're doing something from February through about November, every from Asia was five till about 13 or 14. And so I'm not who I am today without them. And about without that commitment they made to me and ah, but only on the way, there was just, ah, standard of discipline that just wasn't gonna go away. And it's something I had to learn, and I definitely fought against it. I'm a hardheaded guy at times. Ah, you know, my daddy always used to always say you're a questioner. You don't take anything at face value because you wanna know, like, why you're a why guy and there's nothing wrong with it. But I definitely. But it has with how they wanted me to do things in a certain time. I remember, um, when I was coming out of high school committing to, ah, college program, Um, I had been we've been, you know, I was kind of under the radar. I got hurt my junior year. And so that's where most the film When you're in football, they get the film on, so I don't have a lot. And so I had to work really hard. Okay, listen, I don't know if you want to play football in college, and I was like, Yeah, I do. He's like, Listen, you got dealt that hand that bad hand, there's not. Then if you want it to be, and he's like, all right, we're gonna go to these camps. You gotta be in shape for these camps because they're gonna There's a lot of guys out there trying to do the same thing you're doing. You've got to show you gotta show out. You've got to rise above to get noticed. So literally the senior your summer for my senior year of high school, I go to four different camps, Um, one TCU on sm you there's like a Nike camp and then, like Oklahoma State Invitational camp, and I'm like the best lime in there. I run fast. I do what I need to do, get a lot of offers on the spot and so that my recruiting process picked up from their played my senior season, did well made the playoffs in Texas, which is a big deal, and um, but I remember when I was ready to commit my dad's like, Listen, I support your decision. You know, this is where I want you to go. Ah, but I think you're making the right decision. But what you're gonna do is you're gonna call every coach who's put in the time to recruit you. You're gonna tell him Sorry, I'm not coming to your school. You don't tell him why and all that stuff, But you're gonna call him like a man. You're gonna have the conversation on the phone and tell him you're not committing to the school. We've seen what the high school football committing show has become a pageantry. It's pageantry. It's You know, these kids, you know, and the parents to their all To a certain degree, they're all at fault. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, But it's just gotten way out of control to a certain degree. And people treat it, you know, in a different way that my parents wanted me to treat it, so he said, Hey, you're calling the coach. You're gonna sell him? Hey, I'm not coming there. You call. The coaches use did commit to you. Gonna tell him I'm committing. I'm not waving my from my commitment and we're showing up and, ah, in June, ready to work. And that's what I did. And I was a small example of the expectations my parents had and then want to instill in me of the character of, you know, you can't say yes to everyone, but in a business setting on the last setting, sometimes, you know, people appreciate a thank you or hey, here's, ah, level of transparency especially, You know, Amanda man thing growing up the grown up thing. And I had to do that as, ah, 16 year old and not really fully understanding why. But now I definitely understand why I had to do it the opposite way. So going into my senior year, fourth season started. I committed to Washington State. spk_0:   11:18 I had a couple offers already, Um, but I haven't spk_1:   11:22 really figured out football like the four offers I had were already based off, like my junior year and my going into my senior year. I just figured like all right, football is where it's gonna be. Yeah, that was a basketball player. Okay, And then So I got my offer's all right, football's where it's gonna be, have a great senior season, and then Miami comes and offers me. I'm going to visit. I didn't even tell Washington I went in, and when I was out here, I knew I was spk_0:   11:49 like, I have to come here. So I had spk_1:   11:51 to make the call to the Washington State Coast saying, Hey, I'm not coming anymore. Yeah, and that conversation. He cussed me out like, yeah, todo to the paper. But it's just a tough decision. And how has that that building that character? How was that carried you through to the NFL? Yeah, I mean, I think, uh, my path in the NFL has been very unique. I mean, like I said, eight teams in 10 years, But everywhere I've gone, I've started a lot of games, and so there's Ah ah, level of trust and level of professionalism that I have embodied in and shown that keeps me getting hired. And that's not a coincidence. And that, you know, there's people who are probably better than me who aren't getting these opportunities because of either have a treat, someone, how they carry themselves in a lot of different ways. And so I think that, um, that maturity that had to show at age before I really understood even what it was for a while is doing. It scared me a long way. And even now, in the business sector, outside of football, Um, there's just a base level of respect that I show everyone, even if you know, they're I just did a panel earlier, even for come up to me and asking me, Tell me about their business or whatever I say. I respectfully say, Hey, let's connect. I follow up on the email even if it's a no or it might be a hell, no, But I'm following up in a respectful way. And I think people that resonates with people in a way that is not, um, is not assumed anymore. I think there's just ah, we're also busy and roll, you know, fleeting from thing to thing. There's that ground in this of like, Hey, now everything's gonna work out. But I'm treating you with a baseball respect that I'd like to be treated with. I think that carries over because, hey, in business world, I say no to you Now you might come with me something. And if I've treated if I acted like a jerk towards you, you're not gonna consider me next time Or if I want to come to you and I'm starting a company and I want you, investor, I'm trying to fund raise, and I treat you like a jerk. You're gonna like hell. No, Like, just like I said. Hell, no to you. So, um, that stuff I've taught me to think in a macro way in a long term way of just treating people right, and that stuff always comes back. In the end, spk_0:   13:57 it seems like it's paying dividends both in the athletic part and all the also on the entrepreneurial side, which is which is phenomenal. And I'm glad you mentioned respect. Respect is just a big thing. I think sometimes we get lost. Especially now when you're dealing with you like you can connect, you even need to make this connection anymore. We don't even need to sit and talk face to face anymore. We get over a phone. Yeah, we could do it over a social media. We could do it over email, and I think there's a part of that. That handshake that you have with somebody. You know, I kind of feel like sometimes that handshake is lost. I'm like that meeting behind. spk_1:   14:26 I think I'm old school in that way. I'm 31. I'm part of the Millennials. But I'm also going that way where I do my most effective communicating and my most meaningful connection with other people in person. That's the handshake. Is the eye contact, um, Tony or voice, their body language, All that stuff. That's how I've learned how to read people in that way. But also, I think that's how I connect best in person. And so, yeah, you know, we use the means of technology we have. We text, we email a lot stuff. But I think of them today. The most meaningful thing for me is the person a person, so that I think it's where I thrive. You mentioned that your dad tell you that you had a why mentality that it always question, How has that mentality benefit you as an entrepreneur? Yeah. I mean, it's it's it's, you know, in a lot of different ways. I think, uh, I wanna have a natural curiosity about the world and about things that are around me. So in the business world, there's so many sectors that I've learned that you can go down investing in, you know, business, development, all that stuff relationships. And so it's led me to a bi curious and not ask questions and and kind of go down the rabbit hole, if you will, in certain things that interest me. But also, when I get to in a certain room, you know, I was talking about this other day yesterday I was on a panel. Um, you have only the NFL or your four years, no matter what your neck. You were an expert. You're the best in the world at what you did during that time. You hope you don't forget that you were the best in the world. You were a percentage of the percentage of the percentage. So we were experts in football. There are rooms that were in now in the business world where we're not the expert that I mean, I can't be I'm not the expert. And it's upon me that show the initiative in the curiosity and asked the right questions. Good questions. Genuine earnest questions toe balance that level to get to where I want to be, so I can't do it on my own. But I'm you know, I'm fighting to me. You know, I have. I struggle with this, the impostor syndrome, where I'm in a room of VC guys who have been in the business since getting out of business school, then with the Stanford or Harvard or something like that. And I I've got the confidence now that I didn't have where I belong in that room. Even if not everything they're saying is resident with me at the moment I can learn Aiken Bridge that gap it takes me ask the right questions, takes humility to want to ask the questions and be able open to being wrong and learning. Um and so I think that why mentality? Where I was always asking, You know, My God, he started getting mad at me. I asked. He asked a question. You tell me something. I say why? He's like, there's a dictionary right there. Can you know? How do you spell that? Opened up the dictionary like you know what it made me, you know, just kind of seek my own answers and and find out the reasons why you know, humans function the way they do and the things work the way they do. So I think that's carried over and where I'm always looking to grow and every opportunity there's no there's never anything or I'm too big for I'm too knowledgeable in, Um and I think that scared me so far. spk_0:   17:25 You could easily get caught up in that scarcity mentality like you don't know enough you're not. You know you're not ready yet or you need to know Maury need to prepare more. You know where I mean, it's it gets kind of crazy. But, you know, I gotta say, though, just from the transition from football, you being in the sports feel like there's so many transitions skills, skill sets that you have is a football player spk_1:   17:47 that you could take to an entrepreneurial side. Yeah, I mean, we you know, I've been playing football since I was five and baseball since around that time. I'm 31 now. That's 26 years of competitiveness and discipline and hard work, and that stuff is directly transferrable on. Some guy's manifested in different ways, you know, they process information different ways, but You know, I try to tell as many guys like Listen, you have what lies executives are looking for, whether that's as a business partner or whether you want to just have a job. You want to be in business ops with the company or whatever. You have a lot of what they're looking for already. It's been baked into you. You've earned it. You work for it, but it's baked into you. You don't realize it. Sometimes I've compete at the highest level in pressure situations. There's nothing in a business setting that could top having a block Julius Peppers on Monday Night football. Nothing. I don't think her And so I've done that. Why can't I do this? And so to me, I just wanna remind guys and power guys like Listen, you're you have Maur than you are. I didn't really realize right now to offer. We spk_0:   18:52 were just talking about this. A couple interviews ago about it now being seems to be more acceptable now for athletes to start thinking like entrepreneurs like saying Hey, you know you can be an entre, you can start your own business. You can do these things where, maybe like in the past. Maybe that was maybe friend on a little bit like you got your six. You stick to football. spk_1:   19:11 Yeah, talking about earlier day. And I think there was a perception from people outside looking in athletes where they wanted to fit us into a box. I think people do that from a human psychology nature. That's how we make sense of people. So the quicker that I can identify, the quicker I can. I can put you in a box like saying he's this he has these qualities and the quicker I can quote unquote understand him, and that gives me security. And for me, it's like I'm trying to break every berry you could ever possibly put on me because I'm not just one thing, Um, I I wasn't athlete. Yes, I I was You know, I start off as an art major in college, and I switched advertising. I'm I'm now, you know, a non Traore. There's a lot of things that I can do and do well, and I'm trying to break out side of every box you could ever put on me. And, um, there's just ah ah mentality about that. Now we're guys used to kind of buy into that to certain degree. Or it's like, You know, I'm an athlete. I'm gonna do it. Someone's gonna bring me a car deal So I was gonna bring me a chip commercial. Now it's like, No, like, I want equity in this company. I know my value. I know my leverage. Um, I might be a leader in this from a guy that I talked about a lot. Russell Kun. He's leading Big Russ. He's leading in crypto space, you know. He started his own conference. I mean, there's there's no there's no end to the things that we can do an excel at. Um, so a lot of those things we possess and sometimes it takes another guy empowering you by doing it first, and you see how he looks like me. He's been on similar path, is me. I can do that. There's an empowerment and visualizing that and seeing it in person for you that you know, whoever the guy, maybe to take the next step and to reach out to some of whatever it might be. I was just thinking that I would have loved to have you as like an older team mate, like in the same room with me. I was fortunate to have, like Vernon Davis, who was a very active Matt, Vernon and businessman. Do you impart all this information on some, like the younger rookie lineman that in your room? Yeah, I try. I mean, and it's I've got to the point where, um, I make it clear that I'm an open book. If you ask if you really want to know, I'm not. You know, I'm not here to completely guide you by the hand, but like, if you really want to know, I'll tell you what I know. I'll show you where I've learned. But I learned so you could go learn for yourself, and I'll connect you to people who can help you learn and get to where you want to be. But it's not. I'm not gonna hand to you on a silver platter, Um, and you know, it's gonna take a mentality of your own that you want to find out for yourself at the end of the day. Um, and there's a quote you know about, like be the person you need it as a kid, be there you know, And so you know, you don't replace kid with a rookie or whatever In the NFL, I didn't have a lot of guys who looked like me, whether it's a black man or office alignment or whatever, Um, who were doing things that I'm doing now. And so I could be that example for hopefully, a guy who's younger than me. I've had. Like I said, I've had guys who reach out who were older than me Now who will retire to like a man. What do you into, like? Tell me more about this? How did you How'd you get started? Whatever. So I'm always want to do that, and I'm trying to be as much of an open book that can, if they're willing to kind of Britain, you know, meet me halfway. spk_0:   22:21 Yeah, it's amazing, like Thea just again, like have being on teams like I would think the Patriots and stuff like that, where guys are already like entrepreneurs. I mean, there's a retailer's a resource there for you, too, if you have a few spk_1:   22:32 Yeah, for sure. I mean, there's, you know, guys on the coaching staff or former players players who around my age and even some young guys who are into a lot of interesting stuff and kind of building, kind of making their own pass. And it's just it's impressive to see. You know, McCord Twins are like that. There's a lot of guys on Patriots, you know who are forward thinkers. You know, they've got more to give than just the box. People try to put him in. And so, you know, at the end of the day, I always tell, especially young guys. Listen, um, the opportunity that involved provides our opportunities that are very, very unique And the impact is for a short amount of time, the length of your career So might listen. Your focus right now is football, Definitely. That's priority number one. You gotta provide yet these. You know, the longer you can stay in the league and make impactful contracts and whatever and play get, make all pros, that stuff only elevates the leverage you have down the road. So this is definitely a focus. But in the free time, the off season, you gotta be taking advantage of even in the city you live in off season. If you stay here in Miami. There's people here to meet and, hey, let me buy you coffee like it's something as little as that that could lead to a lifelong partnership that you created while you're playing. You're able open door because the NFL shield but that continues past your retirement, and that could lead to a whole bunch of other things. So, you know, always impress upon them the importance of focusing on football and your career on also finding ways to kind of supplement that while you're still playing. Have you always had this mindset since you came into the league? Or is this a new development? Uh, it's a relatively new, you know, when I was younger, you know, like I said, there were a lot of guys like, you know, Yogi is working with a man like, you know, how'd you get to write at last stuff? So, um, there's a lot of time spent just kind of making mistakes to figure out stuff my own, um, you know, and so I think, around 2014 2015 I was just leaving the Bengals. I had Ah, weird year. Um, I was I went there. We've made the plans, but I was just a weird fit there. Um, you know, I had switched agent hot fireman agent. He just wasn't working for me. And that was a whole life lesson in itself about, um, no one your value, knowing your worth and and literally having a fire guy hadn't never No one ever worked for me. I never had to fire someone before, but agents work for you, and you really have the power to be like you no longer represent me. I'm moving on, whatever. So actually had to do that. So I went the whole process and then got signed by New York Giants. So I'm being in New York did wonders for me A because of the proximity to the financial world, the business world in New York City and be just being worked playing for such a ah, classy organization that provides opportunities like that a little bit. So I had a lead into it, for sure, but, you know, met guys who were still mentors in mind today in New York City. Um, and they kind of pushed me more in this in the direction I'm in right now. So, you know, it took other people who have met seeing stuff in me to kind of believe a little bit of myself a little bit because, you know, you can look at me, look in the mirror all you want, but until someone, it's not external validation as much. It's someone, um, who values you as much as you do or hopefully Maur, who's really shoving you, like pushing you outside of your comfort zone. And I needed that. And I think a lot of guys need There's nothing wrong with that, um, and so I think that transition stage in my life provided that push I needed. spk_0:   25:52 Do you feel it's something that's that you need to continuously work on, whether it's as a as an athlete or an entrepreneur, that you constantly need just to keep fresh with one particular like, Is there something you have, like a visitor routine or specific? Something that keeps you whether it be focusing on your mindset or something like that, just to keep you keep you fresh, whether whether it's in athletic space, whether it's an entrepreneur, spk_1:   26:11 Um, yeah, I think in a general sense it's, you know, I've taken the mantra of being a lifetime Lerner. And so it's It's reading books. It's It's listening to podcasts, you know, trying to glean as much from people who know more than me or in a different space to me. But also, um, I would say, meditation. Personally, I've gotten really into that last couple years of a friend who actually start a company, and we have a lot of deep conversations about meditation and the ways to do it. She was a former college collegiate athlete, and so we had, you know, something in common, and so that's helped me a ton, a naturally worrisome person. I have a lot of anxiety. I think that, you know it comes with the NFL. You're in a huge, huge stage. A in the games would be your words. You know we'll have guaranteed contracts. So you sometimes you're over wearing about your job security, and that's, you know, sometimes that could become a thing of its own if you let it. And so I had to learn to kind of let go, and my faith played a big part of that. But then the meditation played a big part in that and taking times that a time aside to focus on that, UM, has paid dividends and how I approach situations, how, you know, deal with people a lot more patience than I used to. But I also have a lot more confidence in service and what I provide. So I know clearly aren't this isn't working. We could move forward amicably, either separate or as partners or whatever in any any kind of relationship. So let's help me personally. And then generally, um, I would say the wailing and forget what spk_0:   27:44 I said earlier. But yeah, it was interesting about the anxiety part. It's like sometimes I feel like people are may be reluctant to talk about, like battling with it. I think it's empowering to talk about it, and it's empowering to just say it's It's it's okay and we just don't deal with stuff way. All have our different stresses in our life, and we all have, you know, different circumstances in our life. But it's it's important that you know it's okay and it happens. I mean, and again, I know you mentioned a couple of things about meditation and doing some things that help manage that. I mean, was there ever a point like you try toe fight, maybe talking about it or being open about it. Oh, spk_1:   28:16 yeah. Oh, yeah. I was never I was definitely an open book of beginning. I was in denial of what I even had, you know, and I don't I wouldn't take the faras. I don't think I'm in need of, like, a medication, anything. But I was in denial of, like, literally having a bad game. Um, and being frozen literally, like paralyzed about what the hell I'm gonna do some like it was This was in 2012 2013. I had a bad game, and at the time I was doing the thing that I told guys not to do, which is search yourself on social media after a game was big mistake. Dumb, seeking external validation, both positive and negative. And I was paralysed. There's after game. I'm just like I'm sitting, you know, we were at Lambeau. I had a bad game go in the weight room. It's dark, everyone's leaving. I said, sit on a bench and I'm just like, damn like I literally don't know what to do. Like going to the every play in the game that I messed up. It was just It's unhealthy completely what I was doing and didn't have the wherewithal the time to be like All right, this is not sustainable. This is doing you more harm than than good for sure. And you need to find a solution in some kind of capacity. I don't know what that is, but you need to find a solution then. So it took being at a very low point. Um, I would I would argue at times of the depressive point especially, You know, I didn't have health Wise also didn't know that there's a thing called seasonal affective disorder. I'm in Green Bay. The sun sets at 4 45 in the winner. It's gray all day. I'm not getting I'm malnourished as faras vitamin D is concerned. That didn't help any of them that I was going through. So finding out about that and then also yeah, realizing All right, there's got to be You've got to find someone to offset some of the burden. Uh, just literally get out of your mouth, Get the weight off your shoulders in some kind of capacity. Um, so yeah, I'm talking about is the big first step being comfortable. But I pushed back for sure up too. I was young. I pushed back 22 23. You know, you think you're invincible, then something's, like, kind of choke. Hold on. You like, uh, you know, we got to find a solution fast cause I'm seeing my career flash before my eyes. It might not have been the truth, but, you know, obviously and my 10th year nines plenty more to give, But I'm seeing like, oh, crap, they're gonna They're gonna dump me tomorrow like it's over, you know, so someone or something, some methodology or someone to speak life in the muck. And now, bro, like, take a step back, open the lens a little bit. You're all right. How can I help you Kind of take those next steps to kind of, you know, mitigate what you're going through. But it just I've I've been on that roller coaster, and it's not a fun ride. And you know when when you're in the middle of you don't realize you know how tired you are to it and how unhealthy it could be to really, you know, be seeking those external validations and riding that roller coaster. It's just it's not healthy. And so it took me. It took the maturation. It took some a lot of, um, a lot of healing, a lot of, you know, introspection. And then also, you know, people who I trust to kind of set me straight. And by no means of my finished product, I'm a work in progress, as I think I always will be. But you know, far better at dealing lot stuff than I ever was as a younger guy. Men, You're the first person who's playing the league, who I've heard actually talk about dealing with leveling of anxiety because I I didn't even realize it until I was done playing. But there was, like, a whole year, right? Every Monday, I was spk_0:   31:47 like, They're better cut right there, about to spk_1:   31:49 come. But what was? The thing is like, Is there any sort of forum where guys can just speak openly about this? Because it is, there's it's therapeutic to actually announce your fears, you know you're going through. But it didn't ever seem like it was okay to really say like, you know, I'm stressing, Yeah, yeah, I, um I could be missing something I don't think they're really still is. And the way you described it in a moment for him? Um, I think the guys and I feel like in N b A. Like Kevin, Love and stuff have brought more light to what athletes go through, but I'm still not sure if I could be mistaken. I wish someone correctly. If you know of a form of place to really you call it venting. You can call it whatever, um, to get out what's inside and parse it out. Let me lay it out on the table with someone who's a neutral arbitrator or someone who either. No, if you trust someone you know, or someone you don't know who can really be impartial and objective about what you're feeling, what you're going through. Um, and so I think there's still a need for that. A lot of places, and when they're becomes something available, you've got to be able to open the door for guys to feel comfortable enough to step through that door because that were full of pride. There's a reason, you know we go through. We go through that za human thing, but it's you know it's elevated when you're a professional athlete. We've We've got a lot of confidence in ourselves and our ability to fix stuff for make it work, make it work, you know? And sometimes that's just not enough. spk_0:   33:23 No pushing. But that stuff to the corner doesn't get rid of it. No, You know, I usually just grows and ah, you know, that's I mean, it's unfortunate wish. I wish there was more helping. Resource is out there for people at specifically athletes, Um, who who want to talk about that? Yeah, and do that. I think it's so important. And I think, really, when the rubber hits the road, athlete to people like people may not know. It sounds crazy to say no, but it's true. Yeah, it's really people. No matter if you were a top notch athlete or whatever, you struggle like, we all have our troubles and, you know, it just there should be a resource out there to help spk_1:   33:56 you, and I'm in a better place now. Social media like a better relationship, So I still engaged with fans and you know, they'll say something about a teammate I know or someone in the NFL Mike. I make sure they remember like Listen, you know, this is still a human being. I know that he's still a father. He's still a husband. He's still a son. All that stuff, and he goes to exactly what you're going through. The paycheck doesn't make it any less valid of what he's going through. And so I think literally fan is short for fanatic People lose sight of that, especially on a form like social media. Where there's it's it's ah ah, consequence lists, way to kind of talk to people. So, you know, we call a keyboard warriors. They say whatever. They want to say that there's something they'd never say that someone in person I'm like This is it might not seem like very critical. But what you're saying is little dehumanizing, Um, and it's dismissive, and it's, you know, it's not constructive to anything that athletes are going through that athletes could help someone who's not an athlete go through Kevin Love speaking out and other guys in the n. B. A. I think it's to Mark Rosen. Um, you never know what fan of theirs is now, like I'm I'm seeking help because this guy. He's a multimillionaire. Whatever is talking about this in a public way At N B. A press conference, you never know what impact that could have and so just demeaning it or talking less about a guy because of what he's going through, whatever it might be, um, this kind of productive, in my opinion. spk_0:   35:24 So what? Your entrepreneurial goals? spk_1:   35:26 Ah, goals. I think you know, at that moment in time, you know I don't have a family, I'm not married or anything. So but everything I've done, I think this is kind of still in with my parents done with my future family in mind. You know, I live but not below my means, and I invest with the future of mine. I think I'd like to get to a point where I don't have a desk job in 9 to 5 job, but I could provide by both passive income and also more actively investing and being on advisory boards and and being a mentor or still being a minty, a way to provide for my family. There's an infinite number of ways to chop that up, but in some capacity I'd like to do that so whether that's, you know, exits and stuff that I, you know, seed capital that I gave, um, whether I'm in a fund of funds, whether it's private equity deal, whether it's a real estate deal, all different avenues of risk. But I'd like to be balanced. I'd liketo be ableto I work for myself to a certain degree and kind of make my own way and alone lines of being a lifetime. Lerner. I'd like to just try a bunch of stuff like Man, like I'm so excited about, like a lot of different areas of tech or whether whatever it is, there's so much opportunity out there, and I'm just the natural curiosity in me is just like man, that would be fun to try. And if there becomes a way to monetize it and profit from it, and I also, you know, bringing hopefully a little social change or whatever, that's all the more better. So by no means that have that figured out. I think my answer kind of says that it's kind of a wide net that I'm casting, but I've got time 31 10 year career so far and so you know, I have to remind myself that I do. You know, I'm ahead of the game, I think a little bit. But then also gotta keep pushing. So I've got time. Um, porn. Into my resource is my networks and disco into to learn and just take actionable steps wherever I can to set myself up in my future family up. That's great, Matt. So what? What are your plans for this off season? Just started. Do you have any entrepreneurial goals? Uh, small goals. There's, you know, I've got you know, I'm behind on, like 10 to 15 decks and people that are approached me in a lot of different spaces that, you know, I'm gonna go through with some of the people that advised me to help me and with due diligence stuff and doing research. Find out if it's opportunity for me and you know, the odds say most of them are gonna be, but that's OK, but that to me, that's flexing the muscle. That's Dina repetition at that. So I'm better after those 15 decks. No matter what the decision is, I'm better than I was before those 15 decks at assessing a business and a strategic plan for a business, Uh, got some potential extensive Josh shadows lined up with, you know, people both in the city and I'm in Austin and abroad. Maybe overseas, whatever. I've just literally, you know, talk about the shield getting you indoors. I've cold emailed countless CEO Seo's like a man like I'm relation in what you do, that sector you're in How would you feel about me just showing up, But pay my way? Whatever. And just kind of following you around seeing how you operate And at the end of day, you know, finding out if this is something I'd like to do in the future will be a part of in future. So I'm trying to learn a line, a couple of those up. And then, you know, there's balance I got you know, there's leisure. There's free time. I've got a brother lives in Long Beach and nephews that I want to see that growing up before my eyes like, you know, I feel like I'm missing out on these prime days. I'm gonna go spend time with them, and then I like to travel. So I've been the last two years have been, like, five different countries. And I'm gonna continue that. And, you know, if I meet up with friends, great. If not, you know, I'm okay. Solo traveling and this kind of do my best to kind of open my my lens up and see more of the world. So that's what I have right now. Um, I love being flexible, adaptable, so that could change. But, you know, that's kind of my, uh, my priority. And then, you know, I'm standing shape and continue to work out along the way and all spk_0:   39:18 that stuff. You know, one of the things we like to finish off with is like we like to ask our guests. What? You're really grateful for you, sheriff. A few things that you're grateful for. spk_1:   39:26 Yeah. Um, sure. I'm grateful for community. Um, I've got a great support system. Parents starting off with my brother and his now his wife and their family who are great. You know, There I was checking on me. You know, there's times where I can go a little silent on the season. It's I'm up there from 6 to 6 and get home, and it's dark already, and I'm just like I need to eat and study film go sleep so they understand that part of it. And so they support me through that to come to games when they can. And then I've got a tight group of friends that I, you know, lean on lean into almost. I'm from college playing football and, ah, a couple of my can share direct experiences with cause I play in the NFL and other ones don't. But, you know, they're the ones that keep me grounded. And, um, I'm gotten to, you know, I'm an unofficial uncles, all their kids, and I get, you know, experience that part of life. And I like I'm gonna have a family one day for myself, And that's just a fun thing to participate in. What I've got free time. And like I said, keeps me grounded. So community is a big thing I'm grateful for. I'm not who I am today without those people. And, you know, I'd like to do my best cultivate communities, you know, from guys I meet in the league. So I do my best to kind of do it. Can't pass it forward in that way. No, spk_0:   40:42 I gotta tell you, you're just amazing, man. I just love. I just love where your head's at. How you've explained things that just being transparent here with us today. I think people are gonna see a lot of you. You see, a lot more of you I can't wait to see on the entrepreneurial side. You know, I remember interviewing him. He was great. It was a good man. Progress. But spk_1:   41:01 I'm always most driving. You know, I've got other guys who were pushing me who are also of current former players, and I look up to that. I mean, there's no there's no written rule that you can't look up someone who's younger than you. I mean, that way we lose sight of that. And like this, people that are hustling on like me, I like your hustle. I like your attitude. Um, what can we do together we can learn from you. So I'm just I'm open to any and all opportunities in that sense. spk_0:   41:23 Awesome. How could people connect? You wouldn't find out. spk_1:   41:25 I'm on linked in I don't know if I don't have how much to share with that, but I'm on Twitter instagram, all that stuff. If you wanna connect me there and we can go from down that rabbit hole if you want. Um, and, you know, just share your wisdom. Always looking for new podcast. New books share a favorite book of yours. A favorite. Whatever. Um, always looking to grow and learn and give back the best spk_0:   41:45 I can. Awesome recommendations. Angela Duck Worth grit grits. spk_1:   41:50 I've heard of it. Reachable. I'm in the middle of ah, range, but David Epstein right now. Okay. Good book. Um, so, yeah, a lot of different things on the plate, but, uh oh, uh, twitter M Newhouse 73 saying on Instagram And you can search me on lengthen so I will be sure to thank you for coming. I would have loved toe block with you. Be on your team. Get some of this information in my earlier days, young. But I appreciate you really appreciate you for coming on and just giving this great knowledge that it's just so about my pleasure, man. You know? Absolutely. My pleasure. I appreciate your having me. It's been fun. Great weather. Great week. You know, no more nets. That's gone. Thank you. Thank you. Got a new trick up our spk_0:   42:34 sleeve are behind the scenes operations manager, and I'm not even doing it. Justice spk_1:   42:40 her. Anyone who has a problem with nets. Apparently the spk_0:   42:43 remedy is burnt coffee beans. You learn something every day more, you know, There you go. Not something I think you would expect to hear. Hear, Caspar, you learned every day. Anything else? We're good. Thank you Are playing with Appreciate it. Guys, Guys, we'll catch you next time. Thank you. Hey, what is up, guys? Thank you so much for listening to this week's episode of the White Tiger podcast. Please don't forget to rate review. It subscribed. The podcast on all your favorite podcast platforms also hit us up on social media. You could find us at the White Tiger podcast on Instagram and Facebook. And don't forget to check out our YouTube channel. You will find video versions of the podcast there. In addition to some bonus content. It's, um, added extras while you're there, don't forget to subscribe. Thank you, guys, for all your support,

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